Prairie Wisdom Says

  1. Be Present
  2. Being Comfortable is a Necessity but Sometimes You Just Have to Wear Heels.”
  3. Catch yourself before you cause someone else to stumble.
  4. Does your family know your boundaries?
  5. Don’t Make Mountains out of Molehill News
  6. Enjoy Everyday Moments
  7. Everything Will Turn Out Okay, Don’t Ask Me How
  8. Friends Help Make Your World Go Around
  9. Hold on to Family No Matter What
  10. Humor Makes Us Human
  11. If You Think You’ve Forgotten Something, You Better Check Your List
  12. It’s Okay to be Yourself, Really
  13. It is Time to Figure Out What is Important
  14. Keep Moving!
  15. Know Thyself
  16. Learn to Laugh at Yourself
  17. Life is About the Choices You Make and the Chances You Take
  18. Living and Loss Leave Wrinkles on Our Hearts
  19. Look for Joy in the Morning
  20. Nothing Ventured Means No Adventures
  21. One of the benefits of aging is a deeper understanding that relationships not possessions are important
  22. People Not Events are Important
  23. Pretty is as Pretty Does but Inner Beauty Sometimes Needs a Little Boost
  24. Safety isn’t Always Pretty
  25. Sometimes life is woven with tangled threads
  26. Sometimes you just need to stay home…for days
  27. Spend Time with the Important People in Your Life
  28. Stick to What You Actually Know
  29. Strive to Have Less and Be Thankful More
  30. Talk more, email less
  31. The secret to staying young is to keep busy while being creative
  32. There is Always Room for Self-Improvement
  33. What do you get when you squeeze a public employee? Extreme minimalist living
  34. When you need to get organized, call a family meeting”
  35. With age comes wisdom and hilarity
  36. Work Smarter, Not Harder by Having Someone Else Find Great Ideas For You

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