Stick to What You Actually Know

What do you do when you are hounded with questions about something you know little about? Do you calmly repeat (over and over) that you don’t know the answer? Do you get frustrated? Do you get angry? What do you do?

My dad taught me how to deal with this exact situation. It is really quite simple. You look the person in the eye and say, “That is all I know on the subject and if you continue to press me I will begin to fabricate.” Thank you dad!

As one who is often on the receiving end of a lot of questions, I have gained much mileage from this simple phrase. Dad found that if you tell people that you will begin to fabricate (in other words lie and make things up) the questions amazingly stop. Blessed silence and peace.

Dad always smiled when he delivered this line and it never ceased to make me laugh, even when it was directed to me following my own string of nonstop questions. I have found this simple phrase a valuable survival tool and that’s no lie.


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