Let’s Go Coconuts!

I am trying to recall if every December has been like this or if this one is truly unique from all others. Every day, on top of the hustle and bustle of the season, I have been gifted with something unexpected and unwelcome. I continue to experience daily incidents (in addition to the ones I wrote about in my last post). Yesterday I misplaced my car key. I have looked in all of the usual places with no luck. Hopefully I will have an epiphany about its location or just step on it as I walk through the house. Until then I am using my husband’s key. He is concerned I will lose this one too. Definite possibility.

Today I woke up at 4 a.m. because my bottom lip was in pain. Thinking I had dry, cracked lips from the cold weather I wandered into the bathroom. I flipped on the lights, looked in the mirror when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a bottom lip twice its normal size. That’s not all. I had a huge cold sore erupting in gigantic proportions. While I appreciated my new puffy, pouty bottom lip, the grotesque growth was not attractive. Come on! Can I just catch a break this month. As I stared at my lip I was tempted to wake my husband to share this new drama but I refrained.

Looking at my lip I thought how this lovely sore would continue to grow over the next few days. How is anyone going to take me serious at work? My lip will precede me into every room I enter. All eyes will be focused on my lip instead of what I am actually saying. And great, it is only Monday. I get to look forward to a whole week of lip camouflage.

I tried to think of something to put on my lips to relieve the pain when I remembered I had purchased a jar of coconut oil the day before. In my attempt to make, rather than purchase, my Christmas gifts the coconut oil was going to be used to create a honey, lemon lip scrub. Ironic. This homemade recipe is supposed to relieve dry, cracked winter lips. Now I wished that I had dry, cracked lips and not a painful, eye ugly, cold sore.

I found my jar of coconut oil, removed the plastic wrapping, unscrewed the lid and slathered it all over my lips. Then I did it again. And again. It was oily and felt good so I went back to bed and tried not to think about it. When I woke up I reapplied the coconut oil. Before leaving for work I put on more. By lunch I noticed that my cold sore was not getting bigger but was getting smaller. What? This had never happened before.

I went on the web and googled coconut oil. Interesting. Some sites proclaim coconut oil will vaporize cold sores by inactivating the virus with its fatty acids. While I don’t believe everything I read on the web, I was starting to be intrigued by the results of coconut oil application. So guess what I did? I put on more and more. Then I read how coconut oil may reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Uh oh. I am a sucker for wrinkle remedies. When I got home from work I had a coconut oil party. I put it on my lips, around my eyes and on my cheeks. Too much of a good thing? I certainly hope so!

If you want to share in my experiment, I purchased my coconut oil at Trader Joe’s. The cashier told me this was the most requested item in their store. I am a believer. To make your own coconut oil lip scrub please check out pink Pistachio’s post Hey Sugar Lips. I will let you know if all of this coconut oil has had any negative side effects… such as acne.

20 thoughts on “Let’s Go Coconuts!”

  1. we learn something new every day.
    Thanks for the tip….
    and make the rest of this month go smoothly and without incident or at least a light-hearted type of incident that you can blog about.

  2. This is a great tip! I’m going to add this to my daily dose of Lysine and avoiding my triggers. Hope it’s gone by the time you read this.

  3. Should we click “stumbled upon” for your “stumbled upon” remedy?

    The summer before I was married, I developed an allergy that made my lips grow. I looked like an abused women and friends were (secretly) trying to figure out how to save me from my abuser. As it turned out, I had to be saved from Chocolate :(.

  4. I have read great things about coconut oil so I’m not surprised that it works on cold sores too! Awesome.

    P.S. Your stories are so funny to read even though I’m sure they haven’t been as fun to experience. :)

  5. Too funny! I know it isn’t funny to experience a cold sore, but your description makes it fun to read. Glad you found an unexpected solution! And I’m intrigued to check coconut oil for myself. Thanks for sharing your find!
    ~ Sheila

  6. Oh how I wish for a trader Joe’s near me! I used to get a cold sore every single time i became upset enough to cry… I could have used this tropical topical.

    I hope you are well.


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