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Fa La Freakin’ La

My family and friends make me laugh, a lot. I am truly blessed with people who are incredibly talented, motivated and have a great sense of humor. Reading Christmas cards is almost like going to the comedy club. These special people, while living through some very tough life situations, still live with gusto and pure joy. It amazes me every day. It inspires me to reach for that same joy right along with them.

When we were young, life was full of possibilities. Now, as women and men of a certain age, we have lived through incredible times of happiness, sadness and even tragedy. While life is still full of possibilities, we are learning to live with the past we have traveled through. Our lives didn’t always turn out the way we planned. And so we go forward.

Family, friends and my faith give me strength to reach for a glorious future. Sometimes, I live one day at a time. Sometimes, I throw back my head and laugh with exuberance as I travel this life journey.

Today I received a Christmas letter from a great friend who is dealing with a heart wrenching situation with her child. After sharing news about her family, she tells a story that makes me so very thankful she is part of my life.

Here is an excerpt of a story in her Christmas card:
“I was telling the gal checking me out (at the pharmacy) that I was frustrated when we bought four boxes of Christmas lights and got them home and only one box of lights worked. The gal commented that it probably dampened my Christmas spirit and I replied sarcastically ‘Yea. Fa, la, freakin’, la’ not realizing anyone was behind me until this little old lady laughed out loud so hard that her dentures popped out of her mouth and landed on the counter. I jumped a mile high as she said, ‘You’re a hoot.’ The worker and I looked at each other. I was not sure what was the proper thing to do, help put her teeth back in or what? The lady just scooped them up and popped them back in her mouth and said, ‘That happens all the time.'”

Here’s to the people in our lives that enrich us and make life one heck of an enjoyable ride.