Life is an Adventure if You Use Your Imagination

I have been convinced for many years that I should work for a think tank. I have a million ideas. Each day I come up with more. I am not saying they are good ideas but they are ideas.

Take for instance my idea to help dad get out of his chair. As he aged, it became a production each time he wanted to stand up. Ever the helpful daughter, I thought I should take an old air mattress, cut it up and sew it into a 3 dimensional wedge shape. The theory was that dad could sit on this flat, deflated vinyl wedge and when he wanted to get up he would start the air pump and would be lifted into the air so he could stand. I wanted to call my contraption the Derri-Aire. I tried to convince my son-in-law, an engineer, that this would be wonderful idea. He looked at me speechless and then burst into laughter. I wasn’t insulted. I laughed too. Then I stopped laughing and asked him if the air pump had enough um-mph to lift a 140 pound man. That is when my son-in-law realized I might be serious.

I have the perfect combination of personality traits that make idea generation possible. I am a problem-solver, impulsive, a hard worker, stubborn, willing to try anything at least once and most importantly I am not afraid of making a fool of myself. Part of this comes from my DNA and part comes from lessons I learned from family who grew up on the prairies. These relatives had to depend on themselves for survival. From them I learned to use my imagination first and then go to the shed, the barn, the garage or the house to look for tools to fix whatever needs fixing. Now that is a gift that just keeps on giving.


20 thoughts on “Life is an Adventure if You Use Your Imagination”

  1. Wonderful image. You should send it to Don over at Crabby Old Fart (who is himself hilarious).

    The only thing is, is that as I get older, I feel like I need a Derri-Aire, too.

  2. This is a BRILLIANT idea. you ought to have had it patented before presenting it here on your blog. I fear for you that someone will abscond with this invention. There is a chair that when one pushed a button, it pushes them out but that is part of the chair. This would be totally movable. PLEASE seriously I love this and the name is pure genius!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I plan on watching you on TV one day! Hurray………

  3. I am not so old yet that I need such a device unless I’m sitting in my old couch that is so worn out that I sink down to China when I sit in the darn thing. The Derri-Aire would be a useful helpmate for that piece of furniture!

  4. Why do I have visions of your Dad being ejected across the room when (not if) the pump malfunctioned? I’m only thinking of your earlier posts where you describe your daily miniature disasters. This is hilarious but seriously good. Way better than the croched pot holders.

    1. I am still going to do the crocheted pot holders when I retire… alright who am I kidding, I updated them and have already made them using recycled sweaters and p.s. you are getting one for Christmas!

  5. What a girl! What a daughter! Too funny. At least you follow through on your ideas. I have so many in my head that never get past that point. Maybe I should get past the no fear of being laughed at for my ahem, brilliance.

  6. I’ve seen ads on the internet for chairs that lift and tilt to make it easier for seniors to get up. But I would think an air pillow would be much cheaper, and portable too!

  7. Hee hee! My husband is an engineer, and he looks at me funny fairly often, too. Actually, he looks at my mother funnily more often…when she gives him intention ideas. I love your stories – that’s how I think and write, too.

  8. Oh, wish I had this ability! I am GREAT at recognizing a wonderful idea when I see it, great at follow through, happy to give credit to the source…but I’m not creative. Wish there was a pill I could take to boost this in myself. But good for you that you are wired this way! ~ Sheila


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