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I started the new year with a resolution to declutter and organize my life. I even found a calendar to help me simplify my existence one day at a time. Mysimplerlife.com has a 2012 day by day calendar to take back control of the ‘stuff’ in your life. Yesterday, I completed all of the tasks for the first week in January. I went through my spice cabinet and discarded expired and old ones. I organized all of the canned goods in my kitchen. I went through my freezer and let go of old and freezer burned food. I felt wonderfully organized, decluttered and empowered.

Today, I looked for my notes for my blog. Hmmm. In my search for my notes I literally tore apart my office and one bookcase in my bedroom. No notes. No satisfaction.

Evidently, while I was tidying up for the holidays, I inadvertently placed some very important documents WHO KNOWS WHERE!

Not to worry. My 2012 Declutter calendar will eventually help me work my way through the entire house and maybe by June, I will find the wonderful blog notes that would have helped me today!

I am not stressed at all. I am exasperated! I am also very aware that I really, really need the declutter calendar.

Maybe it will help you also. Just go to MySimplerLife to get started on a brand new year of, hopefully, some peace. I know I would benefit from some.