Prairie Wisdom is

Lessons learned from important people in my life who grew up on the prairies of North Dakota. Through them I gained wisdom, developed my sense of humor, grew in faith and learned to explore my creative side.

Granny, the baker, baked bread from scratch and her cookies and cakes were indescribable. Grammie sewed and gardened and taught me the importance of taking care of the land and recycling everything into something new. My aunt taught me to eat adventurously and how to pickle watermelon, make kuchen and kase knepfla. Mom was a true chef, the heart of our family and lived a beautiful life while shopping smart and pinching pennies. Dad, the storyteller, taught me to reach for the stars by setting goals, working hard and never forgetting to laugh. Prairie wisdom provided a foundation of faith that grounds me and is ageless.

I never grew up on the prairie but I am a frequent visitor. And if I should ever forget my family’s roots, no worries. My husband, who grew up on the prairies of North Dakota before I dragged him to big city life, continues to give me a daily dose of his own version of prairie wisdom.


6 thoughts on “Prairie Wisdom is”

  1. I don;t know why I assumed you were referring to the prairies of Canada but at any rate we LOVED RVing through the prairies in Canada and the Dakotas, Montana etc. GLORIOUS country! God’s splendor abounding!

  2. Those are wonderful qualities and skills you’ve learned from your family!

    Do you have German ancestors? I thought so because of the kuchen (Kuchen is cake in German) and kase knepfla, which seems to be Käseknöpfle (button-shaped noodles with cheese, a specialty from south western Germany, where I currently live – Knöpfle means little button in the dialect spoken over here).


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