Quack Like a Duck

My husband came home today with stories from his afternoon of in-house training at work. His organization is very good at providing training for staff. After 25+ years of attendance, my husband feels he should be excused forevermore because he has literally seen it all.

I chuckled as he told one story after another but laughed outright when he shared the story of the very, serious presenter who spent an hour in front of the packed audience with his pants zipper wide open. It brought back memories from having been there, done that myself. My husband, who was sitting in the front row, could not avoid seeing this phenomenon. I asked him why didn’t he write on a notepad “XYZ” for “eXamine Your Zipper”. He told me he was tempted to write on his notepad “Your fly is open” but didn’t.

This reminded me of workshops I have attended over the years with a great buddy of mine. We have worked together since 1989. We have shared an office since 1995. We have a history.

Many years ago we attended a full day workshop on technology. The morning was fast paced and provided cutting edge information on advances in digital text and access to the printed word. Following the session we went to lunch and were served the usual conference fare, rubber chicken. We stuffed ourselves anyway and returned to the workshop for an afternoon of additional training.

The afternoon presentation was significantly different from the morning presentation. It was slow paced. The material was old and outdated and difficult to pay attention to on a full stomach.

A few minutes into the presentation my coworker leaned over and said “This presenter could make a living as a hypnotist.

Sitting near the front, I tried to contain my giggles and just had them under control when he leaned over and said, “If I start quacking like a duck…wake me.

That was all it took. My shoulders shook with laughter which I tried, in vain, to control. I had to get up, covering my face, and run for the bathroom where I collapsed in uncontrollable giggles.

Since that time, I try to sit on the edge and near the back of the auditorium when I attend with my friend. His humor is dry, witty and makes me cry with laughter at least once a week. I am so very lucky.

11 thoughts on “Quack Like a Duck”

  1. At presentations like that you definitely need such a companion. Reminds me of the scenes in the movie Calendar Girls where Helen Mirren was doubled up in laughter during a very boring garden presentation. And once you start laughing, you just cannot stop. :)

  2. That is the problem with having everything in its place. Who can remember where that place is? I know if it’s on the desk where to look, but once it’s been reduced to a bin, folder, or cabinet, it’s as good as gone. Yikes. Maybe I’m not doing it correctly.

    1. See what I mean, I can’t even keep up with my comments. This one was meant for your organization in 2012 and has wandered into Duck Quacking. Corral that rascal and send him over to his correct place. Geez. Sorry for comment confusion. Just glad this was posted under humor and life.

      1. I am still trying to figure out how to move your comment and I thought I was tech savvy. So instead, I will just reply;) Love your comments about organization because I am exactly the same way. I do best when everything is out in plain view where I can see it.

  3. We are all such children when it comes to scenes like this. We giggle at the worst times, be it at a funeral, church, or seminar…..isn’t it great to have friends who do still make us Laugh Out Loud?!!

  4. You know Ms. Prairie Wisdom, YOU have that affect on people, too! I seem to remember a meeting where I was stuck in a precarious position. You could see my shoulders taking over and delivered the final blow which had ME running to the bathroom crying in hysterics! When the both of you are together though? I pack Depends.


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