Must be the face

It seems everywhere I go, I find myself drawn into a conversation. It must be my face. Someone starts talking and I can’t help but be interested.

Take today. I was sitting in my car 20 minutes prior to the opening of our local quilt shop. Today was the big sale day and the first 50 people were going to receive a project bag filled with goodies. Yesterday, I told my husband that I would not go to the quilt shop early and be ‘one of those people’ who stands in line before the doors open. But, there I was, sitting in my car, in the cold with snow falling outside.

As I patiently waited for the open sign to come on, while fervently hoping that no one in the parking lot would get out of their vehicle to actually stand in line, it happened. I heard a loud voice. I turned to look through the driver side window at a woman in the next car calling to me and waving her arms. Okay. Guess I better find out what’s going on.

I opened my door and leaned out with a questioning look on my face.

Woman: “Isn’t this great! I mean who would believe there would be this many people at a quilt shop on a Saturday morning in a snow storm.”

Now this was unexpected. A small talk conversation between two cars as snow fell on my head and blew into my car.

Me: {Smiling from ear to ear} “It is wonderful!”

Woman: “I mean, look at all these people! I told my husband that I don’t need to go early because there won’t be many people here. But I was done with my errands and thought I might as well head over because you never know how long it will take to drive when it’s snowing.”

Me: “That’s absolutely true!”

This conversation with a woman completely unknown to me continued until another person became antsy and got out of their car to go stand by the door with 10 minutes to go before the opening.

Well, you know what happened next. Car doors all across the parking lot opened and that’s how I found myself standing in line, on an icy sidewalk, at 9:21 with snow falling on my head.

Since I seem to have that face, soon the group in front of me and behind me were sharing tales of their lives. I couldn’t help but be entertained.

With 5 minutes to go, my friend came walking across the parking lot. We had arranged earlier to meet up at the quilt shop. I told the ladies in line that I was going to the back of the line to stand with my friend. They would not hear of it. Karen was happily welcomed into the fold.

Once inside, after receiving my amazing goodie bag, I bumped into more acquaintances and made some new friends. So, yes, if you are feeling lonely, you should definitely visit your local quilt shop. That’s what I do.



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