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Two Fabulous Words

Cashmere socks.

Every Christmas, my sister throws a little cashmere my way. She is the type of shopper who finds incredible deals and then uses a store coupon on top of that.  This Christmas, her bargain purchase was cashmere socks. Up until a few days ago I didn’t even know socks came in cashmere.

Today I wore my socks to work. It felt odd putting cashmere on my feet but I must tell you, my soles rejoiced. Cashmere socks are ultra soft. They kept my toes delightfully toasty. They made my shoes, and everything else I was wearing, look old and worn.

Every day when I ‘dress up’ for work I put on clothes that will survive floor time with preschoolers. This morning as I pulled on my cashmere socks they seemed at odds with the rest of my outfit. I wore them anyway.

So while I played and crawled on the floor in my casual attire, I felt very adult knowing I was wearing some very classy cashmere socks.