The Secret to Staying Young

The man in my life collects postage stamps and as a result I occasionally find myself attending stamp shows. Such was the case on Saturday.

I have learned proper stamp show etiquette so I don’t interfere with the very serious business of acquiring stamps. Mainly, I am quiet, I never touch a stamp with my bare hands and I realize that the $5.00 I will spend does not make me a sought after customer.

So, why do I go? Because the stamps of the world are beautiful. As true collectors move from table to table purchasing stamps to add to their albums, I move from table to table being inspired by stamp artwork. Instead of just admiring these mini works of art, I buy used stamps to create art gifts for family and friends.

I have purchased stamps with lighthouses, flowers, the nativity, cartoon characters and even Lucille Ball. I grew up watching I Love Lucy and have a special fondness for Ms. Ball. Her humor and love of life were infectious. Her wit lives on in reruns and memorable quotes.

Now here is true wisdom enabling the women in my life to laugh out loud as they tackle another birthday and celebrate their age.

10 thoughts on “The Secret to Staying Young”

  1. You must bring your man to visit us in Bermuda. My husband has a million old stamps but most of them are not in books or scrapbooks……maybe you could sort through them? ha
    Great post!

    1. Would love to come to Bermuda! If I ever get there, I will certainly look you up. So you have a husband with millions of stamps too? It is amazing how these little postage stamps can be crammed in every nook and cranny.

  2. What a beautiful post. I think youmust be a very nice and wise person. My own birthday is coming up next week and I realize I am really getting on. Until i remember that I still have a 90 year old mother-in-law!

  3. Good for you — Lucy was brilliant. And I love stamps too. The artwork is often amazing. When I lived overseas I snapped up any pretty ones that came in from exotic places. I have an elderly friend who collects them. He was delighted!

    1. Stamp collectors love those who find and share stamps with them. The friends in my office are always bringing used stamps to me to give to my husband. You’d think he won the lottery every time I bring a pile home he gets so excited.

  4. I have never attended a stamp show – nor have I even thought of it! I do have a very lame collection from when I was a kid…nothing a true philatelist would be interested in. By the way, have you read the Flavia de Luce books? (By Alan Bradley) They are wonderful gentle mysteries, staring an 11 year old girl in England, just after WWII – her father is a philatelist, which is what made me think of recommending them….

    1. My husband would say no collection is lame. You may have a treasure hidden in your pile. And thank you for sharing the book series suggestion. I have not read the Flavia de Luce books but will plan on checking them out soon. Can’t wait!


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