Communicating is quite a challenge at work. I have email, voice mail, the intercom, a land line, snail mail, interoffice mail and my personal cell phone (I refused a business smart phone because I cannot manage two mobile phones and 24/7 access).

Moment by moment I deal with a variety of communication modes; voice, texting, email, typed pages and even {gasp} handwriting.

Sometimes it is difficult to juggle the sheer volume of messages received each day. That is when my sense of the ridiculous comes into play.

The other day, when a coworker emailed, I just couldn’t help myself. Our email conversation went like this:

Coworker: When you have a chance can I pick your brain?
Me: Sounds painful.
Coworker: Seriously, I just need you to lend me your ear.
Me: Again, painful.
Coworker: Are you pulling my leg?
Me: Does the sun rise?
Coworker: Let’s start from scratch. Could you please pick up your phone and call me? I have a work related topic I need to talk to you about.
Me: Ok, I am dialing…
Coworker: ADIP
ME: ADIP? Quit typing and answer your phone…

After a few rings, she answered her phone and said, “ADIP, just Another Day In Paradise.”


17 thoughts on “ADIP”

  1. I have a co-worker who does that too — our offices are adjacent and the wall is paper-thin (I can hear her TYPING).

    We are becoming a world of communicative hermits.

  2. Isn’t it ironic to blog about, though? I love that we all can hear this story, all your stories, whereas with just face-to-face communication we’d either need to be in the same room or hear them through the grapevine and risk a miscommunication down the line. I wholeheartedly agree that face-to-face is best (and the amount of ways we can connect has led to a disconnect) but I also appreciate that I can send you this message and you know I read your post and it made me smile.

  3. I always love your wonderful sense of humor. I’m sure you make a lot of people smile in your day to day life. You always bring a smile to my face. Thanks


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