Communicating is quite a challenge at work. I have email, voice mail, the intercom, a land line, snail mail, interoffice mail and my personal cell phone (I refused a business smart phone because I cannot manage two mobile phones and 24/7 access).

Moment by moment I deal with a variety of communication modes; voice, texting, email, typed pages and even {gasp} handwriting.

Sometimes it is difficult to juggle the sheer volume of messages received each day. That is when my sense of the ridiculous comes into play.

The other day, when a coworker emailed, I just couldn’t help myself. Our email conversation went like this:

Coworker: When you have a chance can I pick your brain?
Me: Sounds painful.
Coworker: Seriously, I just need you to lend me your ear.
Me: Again, painful.
Coworker: Are you pulling my leg?
Me: Does the sun rise?
Coworker: Let’s start from scratch. Could you please pick up your phone and call me? I have a work related topic I need to talk to you about.
Me: Ok, I am dialing…
Coworker: ADIP
ME: ADIP? Quit typing and answer your phone…

After a few rings, she answered her phone and said, “ADIP, just Another Day In Paradise.”

17 thoughts on “ADIP”

  1. I have a co-worker who does that too — our offices are adjacent and the wall is paper-thin (I can hear her TYPING).

    We are becoming a world of communicative hermits.

  2. Isn’t it ironic to blog about, though? I love that we all can hear this story, all your stories, whereas with just face-to-face communication we’d either need to be in the same room or hear them through the grapevine and risk a miscommunication down the line. I wholeheartedly agree that face-to-face is best (and the amount of ways we can connect has led to a disconnect) but I also appreciate that I can send you this message and you know I read your post and it made me smile.

      1. Just turned it in to my advisor. Draft one is done. Whew. Roughly 93,000 words or about 300 pages. Feels good to be done…until I get her comments back and need to revise!

  3. I like texting. It forces me to be brief and the recipient can retrieve the message at their leisure. For longer conversations, face time is best – I definitely agree.

  4. I have just a small cell phone and I don’t have any coverage at home – which is perfectly fine wtih me! It’s like people forget that I have a land line. Which, again…I’m okay with!

  5. I always love your wonderful sense of humor. I’m sure you make a lot of people smile in your day to day life. You always bring a smile to my face. Thanks


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