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The barns of North Dakota

This past weekend we visited relatives in North Dakota. While my husband’s family sold the farmstead years ago, we still like to drive by the old farm on our way into town (even knowing we go from clean, dry pavement to dusty gravel roads to get there). The farm holds many memories we don’t want to forget, so instead of just driving by we pulled into the farm site to take some pictures and reminisce.

I love to see all the shapes, sizes and colors of barns littering the countryside. Even when they have a rugged and used look, the barns are pretty impressive to behold. It was a beautiful day with very little wind which was an amazing surprise and quite rare. We caught the sunlight streaming across the barn as I took some pictures and my husband talked about the past. His memory isn’t what it used to be and this became a great concern later when we were backing out and he said, “I wonder where the old well used to be?” The old well was somewhere beneath the tall grass and may or may not have been filled in. If we had driven over it, I was told, my car would have been history. I do not know why he tells me things like this.