Are You Talking to Me?

Today I was on an interview team for a top-level position in my organization. I was honored to represent my group and sit with the bigwigs as we interviewed candidates. I dressed professionally, headed to our main office with Starbucks in hand and a box of kleenex and throat lozenges in my briefcase. You see I have a doozy of a cold. I have been sick since last Wednesday. That is correct. I am on day nine of this illness. This past Monday my coworkers begged me to go to the doctor. I did. I have acute sinusitis with fluid in my ears, no ear infection. I was prescribed an antibiotic and told I was good to go.

Not so. I am still sick and today the drainage from my sinuses was a serious issue. While we interviewed candidates my eyes watered, my throat tickled and my nose ran. As the morning progressed my eyes became irritated and my nose grew increasingly redder and redder with all the nose wiping. The candidates must have wondered about the crazy lady with the weepy eyes, hoarse voice and distracted expression. I tried to concentrate on what they were saying but mainly I sat in fear that I would start sneezing and never stop.

You are probably thinking, why didn’t I just stay home. Well, I have and all the sleeping and resting did not make this cold go away. I can’t stay home for 6 days of work because of a cold, so I go to work, come home and fall into bed.

About midway through the afternoon, I excused myself from a group debriefing meeting and headed to the bathroom to give my nose a good blow. I went into a stall sat down and blew and blew and blew while talking to myself saying, “I feel awful. What a day. This has been so embarrassing. Argh. Why won’t it stop?

When suddenly, I heard a voice from another stall, “Are you talking to me?


12 thoughts on “Are You Talking to Me?”

  1. That is miserable! I surely feel your pain .. and there’s no place I’d rather be when sick like that then NOT around (or in front) of others. Are you on a good decongestant, too? You might try a “Neti Pot” – it won’t cure you but it sure helps ease the congestion and such — it sounds rude and crazy but it really does help me feel better.

    more here

    Rest up & Hope you feel much better real soon

    PS – great bathroom story – ha!

    1. The neti pot and I are best friends. I did listen to Dr. Oz and include its use in my daily or weekly regime. Appreciate the advice and happy to say that I am starting to slowly mend.

  2. I felt bad laughing at your horrible day but I think you lead to my delinquency. Hope you are much better now and I will try not to chuckle next time.

  3. Hey, some days the best conversations I have are with myself!

    Seriously, sorry you’ve been ill. I know what you mean about not being able to just stay home until you’re fully recovered. Hope you’re on the road to recovery now. ~ Sheila


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