Wake Up!

I am extremely fortunate. I belong to a women’s group which meets once a month for a book study. As the youngest, I hardly say a word because I am awestruck by the wisdom, strength and humor of the elders in our group. Incredible women who are living inspiring lives and remain so vibrant and independent even as they face the challenges of aging.

Last night was our last meeting before a summer break. As I was sitting next to Jane, she started talking about her new phone. She purchased her phone the day before but was having trouble using it. Not to be deterred, she went to the Senior Center where a college student spent twenty minutes teaching her all about her new mobile phone. Evidently, the training did not stick because later that day her phone was ringing and she had no idea how to answer it. So last night, she dug into her purse and retrieved her state of the art smart phone which has way too many features for my friend Jane.

Jane: “Look at this. I don’t even know how to turn it on!”
Me: “Did you turn it off?”
Jane: “Turn it off? The screen is black. It’s off.”
Me: “Maybe it’s asleep.”
Jane: “Asleep?”
Me: “Ya, you need to wake it up.”
Jane, turning to her phone and saying: “Wake up!”
Me: “Jane, you need to push a button to wake it up or open up the keyboard.”
Jane: “I have a keyboard?!?”

Oh my. I smiled and we giggled and I grabbed her phone and showed her how to wake up her phone and unlock it. We practiced this a few times, locking and waking up her phone before we advanced to the next test.

Me: “I am going to use my phone to call you so that you can learn to answer your phone.”
Jane: “Okay.”
Me: “What is your phone number?”
Jane: “Ummmm……. Give me a minute.”

Jane and I usually email, so I did not have her number programmed in my phone…unfortunately. Once she remembered her number, I typed the numbers and called her.

Jane: “Did you call me?”
Me: “Yes, but even though we are sitting right next to each other it takes a few seconds before your phone will ring.”
Jane: “It’s ringing! What do I do.”
Me: “You need to push the button in the lower left corner of your phone to answer.”
Jane pushed the button: “Hello. Hello. I can’t hear you.”
Me: “That is because you need to place the phone next to your ear.”

What a hoot and what a joy to help Jane who has taught me way more than I will ever be able to teach her.

Meanwhile, Barb was taking pictures of the group with her iPhone and said, “Great, now I have all these pictures on my phone but have no clue how to see them.”

Here we go again ;)

15 thoughts on “Wake Up!”

  1. Hilarious! When “they” make devices (and no longer provide instructions) they never think about the folks who won’t be able to figure it out.

    1. Technology is changing so rapidly that we constantly have to adapt and those who never caught the first wave are starting to really struggle. Meanwhile, my two year old granddaughter sent a text message from my daughters phone on her own… gibberish but it was her first message!

    1. This is my third year in the group and I am no longer feeling like the complete newbie. It is wonderful to hear women’s voices about topics dear to me.

  2. This is so funny. I love it, and identify. A friend handed me her phone the other day, and it has a touch face instead of actual buttons. Huh? I could imagine myself just yelling ‘wake up’ at it.

  3. Uh oh, my mom just got an iPhone. Imagine my surprise when I received a text from her yesterday afternoon! She made it that far…can’t wait to see what else she’s learned the next time I see her. Very funny post! ~ Sheila

  4. Oh my gosh…that’s me! I just purchased an Iphone, why? I am not certain. My daughter keeps trying to urge me to use more of its features, alas…I’m just not that into it! :)

  5. How very funny (but I can relate.) I use a cell phone so infrequently that I almost forget how to answer it when it does ring!


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