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Free Reading Anyone?

I have been adjusting my lifestyle this past year to spend less and enjoy what I have more. As a result, I no longer purchase books.

Since I love to read I have been traveling to our local library to check out books.  The problem is the books I loan sometimes have stains on them. Who has been handling these books? Where have they been reading them? Why are they eating messy foods while turning pages? That looks like spaghetti!

If it isn’t food stains, it is folded book page corners or written notes in the margins or items stashed between book pages. As someone who is on the germaphobe spectrum, I do not want to find a grocery list residing in a book that I have loaned. I am not that adventurous.

Luckily, my public library has made gigantic advances in digital book lending. I first used OverDrive to ‘check’ books out from the library. Loved this service. The waiting lists were sometimes long but hey, free books on my own devices. No fuss. No mess.

Then my library started offering a service called Freading.

Did you just hear music? Freading (Lalalalalala) Free books when I want them, like right now. Each week I receive 6 digital tokens from my library to check out books. Unlike OverDrive, when I find a book in Freading, I can check it out immediately.

To get these free books all you need is a valid library card from a library that has contracted the Freading eBook Service. That’s it. You can sit in your home and download books to your computer or mobile device. A wonderful germ free reading experience.

Check out www.freading.com and give a big thank you to public libraries for contracting for this service!

Next on my to do list is to check out Freegal. This is a free music lending service through libraries. Seriously.