Emotions…Everyone Has Them but Some of Us Can’t Help But Show Them

I come from a long line of emotional people. If we’re happy, you will know it. Hand clapping and all.

Same goes with other emotions, especially the strong ones. Our emotions aren’t the garden variety type (happy, sad, frustrated, angry). Rather we are befuddled, heated, abashed, rattled, distressed, alarmed, overjoyed and ecstatic.

This being a normal week, I have gone through a wide array of emotions. I am trying to develop different ways to express my emotions. Ways that are less dizzying. What if we could wear our emotions like a name tag at a conference. Hello my name is… (insert emotion). Here is my week in emotion filled name tags.

On Monday, I would have been:
On Tuesday, I would have been:

On Wednesday, I was doing better and I would have been:

Today speaks for itself:

Tomorrow is going to be great! It is a Friday and the last day before a one week vacation doing something as of yet undetermined. So no more worries, on Friday I plan to:


16 thoughts on “Emotions…Everyone Has Them but Some of Us Can’t Help But Show Them”

    1. I was using these emotion names in the subject line of emails this week to friends so they had a clue about my state of mind before reading my messages. And of course, real life somehow turns into a post.

  1. I love how the week got better as friday approached… Love this post.. You made me chuckle.. actually, I am typing with a big grin on my face.. thanks you.


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