And then she said…


I’ve had the same hairstylist for several years. Once you find that perfect hairstylist, you will travel a long distance to keep your stylist. Mine happens to be about 90 miles away.

A while ago, I was sitting in her chair at the salon explaining a new color and cut I wanted to try.

Me: “I want to add some red highlights and go shorter in length.”

My Stylist: “No! That is a horrible idea.”

Me: “Well, I brought a picture. Take a look. I think it would look great.”

My Stylist (tossing the picture on the counter): “That cut would not look good on you and you can’t possibly want that color.”

Me: “But I do. I am ready for a big change.”

My Stylist: “Nope. I won’t do it.”

Me (sputtering): “Well, I am the one paying you to deliver what I want.”

My Stylist: “No, you are paying me to look beautiful. Let me go mix your color. I will be right back.”

And with that said, she disappeared into a back room. I slumped in my chair when I noticed the woman sitting in a chair next to me.

If you could have seen her expression! She was stunned. She was outraged. She was ready to file a complaint on my behalf.

The Woman: “She was really tough on you. You have to say something! And if you don’t, I will!”

Me: “Well…..I’m pretty sure she only talks that way to me. You see, that stylist is my daughter.”



10 thoughts on “And then she said…”

  1. I’ve often felt that way when I’m having your daughter cut my hair (that I should explain to bystanders that she’s known me forever and can be brutally honest because of that). It’s hilarious to me. BUT she’s never steered me wrong. Love this! And you. And Kels, who does wonders with hair.

  2. I love it! No wonder you’re willing to drive 90 miles for a haircut! And how great that your daughter is willing to tell you what she believes, even if it isn’t what you want to hear. Good girl…I need that from my daughter too sometimes, and she never fails me! Love the punchline! ~ Sheila

  3. Now that is pretty funny. I wonder what any of my daughter’s would say if they were my hair stylist!
    I told my stylist some time back that I was going to let my hair go natural… and go from very short to shoulder length or longer. So now I am a grandma with long grey/white hair and my hairdresser would absolutely refuse to dye my hair or cut it short! Good thing I like it too!


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