Let It Be

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I have sheet music which has been displayed in my home these past 25 years. The music originally sat on my piano to entice people to sit down and play. When we gave our piano away, a few years ago, the sheet music landed on top of our rolltop desk. And there it has sat, year after year.

Each time I pick up the music to file away, I look at the words and gently place it back onto the desk. The music, you may have guessed from the title of this post, is ‘Let It Be’ by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

The words to this song bring back childhood memories of my grandma. She often encouraged us to “Just let it be.”

When the water wasn’t boiling and I wanted to lift the lid for the 10th time she  would say, “Let it be.”

When my siblings were nasty and I wanted to take out my righteous revenge she would say, “Let it be.”

When I was dressed up and fidgeting with my hair and clothes she would say, “Let it be.”

For grandma, I didn’t have to let go of my anger, worries or fidgets, I just had to let them be. Grandma taught me about acceptance, patience and choosing my battles. She encouraged me to engage my brain in all situations, before reacting with reckless emotion.

How did she get away with this? Humor. She helped me find the humor in these situations as I learned to stem my impulsivity, walk away from conflict and sit still with my hands in my lap.

For 2015, I am reminding myself to Let It Be.

Happy New Year!




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