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How Many Weather Apps Do You Have?


The older I get, the more I focus on the weather. Every morning, I check the forecast. I want to know how the day will unfold meteorologically speaking. Then, I check the extended forecast for the days to come.

During the day, if any weather event occurs (wind, rain, sleet or snow), you will find me checking some weather source.  I want to see the current radar. I want to watch the radar in motion, both past and future.

I find comfort knowing about the weather.  I don’t like weather surprises. I want to be forewarned about snow-covered roads, freezing rain and possible drifting.

The other night as I was getting ready for bed, my husband, who was watching the weather, called out, “There’s a winter storm warning!”

This was unexpected. I thought we had calm weather in the forecast. How could there be a winter storm coming?

I hollered, “Where?”

He replied, “In Maine.”

Exasperated, I countered, “But we live in Wisconsin!”

He said, “I thought you’d want to know.”

Um, no.


And then she said…


I’ve had the same hairstylist for several years. Once you find that perfect hairstylist, you will travel a long distance to keep your stylist. Mine happens to be about 90 miles away.

A while ago, I was sitting in her chair at the salon explaining a new color and cut I wanted to try.

Me: “I want to add some red highlights and go shorter in length.”

My Stylist: “No! That is a horrible idea.”

Me: “Well, I brought a picture. Take a look. I think it would look great.”

My Stylist (tossing the picture on the counter): “That cut would not look good on you and you can’t possibly want that color.”

Me: “But I do. I am ready for a big change.”

My Stylist: “Nope. I won’t do it.”

Me (sputtering): “Well, I am the one paying you to deliver what I want.”

My Stylist: “No, you are paying me to look beautiful. Let me go mix your color. I will be right back.”

And with that said, she disappeared into a back room. I slumped in my chair when I noticed the woman sitting in a chair next to me.

If you could have seen her expression! She was stunned. She was outraged. She was ready to file a complaint on my behalf.

The Woman: “She was really tough on you. You have to say something! And if you don’t, I will!”

Me: “Well…..I’m pretty sure she only talks that way to me. You see, that stylist is my daughter.”


The Perfect Moment


“What’s the plan?” is a common phrase in my family. The one problem? Sometimes our planning absorbs all the energy and excitement. When we get to the big day or moment, we are too tired or crabby or out of sorts to enjoy it.

Common sense and Prairie Wisdom says, stop! Instead of planning that perfect event, look around you and make this moment perfect.

It is not always possible, but when we reach for joy and let life unfold in it’s own quirky way, we open ourselves to possibilities. Moments made for smiles. Moments to share with others. Moments that are, well, perfect or pretty darn close.


Bold and Cautious

prairie_wisdom_says 2

Seriously, is anything better than being a grandparent? Not much. I love enjoying these little ones and am happy to turn them over to their parents when things get dicey.

I travel to see my grandkids, so when I am with them, I am present to their needs. Read 15 books in a row? Sure. Build a fort out of pillows and blankets? Most definitely. Sing off-key to entertain their giggles? I am not afraid of their censure.

Take them to a splash park? Wait, what? Okay, sure, we can spend the afternoon playing in the water. The first 15 minutes of our splash park adventure, I watched them build their courage. They were hesitant to get wet. It reminded me of a trip to a water park years ago with my sister’s family. When we arrived at the water park my sister said, “I don’t want to get wet!” I said, “It’s a water park. You’ll not only get wet, you’ll get drenched.” My sister responded, “Do they rent wetsuits?”

The six-year-old ventured into the water spray first, followed minutes later by the four-year-old. What a joy to watch them dare to get wet. Dare to stand under a spray of water. Dare to be brave and wet and cold.SAM_1700_2

The kids tried every water feature except for the five water buckets. I was standing on the sidelines, under an umbrella to shield my aged skin from the sun, when all of a sudden my umbrella was confiscated. Now, they were ready to brave the water bucket dump.

Yep, those two standing under the umbrella are mine.



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