Using an iPad 2 and IncrediBooth to create a do-it-yourself Wedding Photo Booth

Materials Needed:

  • iPad 2
  • IncrediBooth iPad App
  • Rocketfish iPad stand
  • Small table to place iPad and stand upon
  • A spotlight lamp (placed on the table to add lighting to the booth)
  • Apple VGA Adapter to connect ipad to projector
  • Photo booth wall constructed from painted pvc pipe
  • Curtain panels
  • Many, many Props – masks, necklaces, sunglasses, hats, boas, mustaches, picture frames, speech bubbles – find web links to photo booth ideas and printable templates on my Photo Booth Pinterest Pinboard

This past summer my daughter wanted to rent a photo booth for her wedding reception and I thought that sounds like fun. Then I priced it out and realized, no, not that much fun. But I am not easily dissuaded.

The release of the iPad 2 with its built in cameras as well as a wide variety of photo booth apps allowed us to realize my daughter’s dream and mine too. She had a photo booth at her reception, I have an iPad forever.

We trialed many photo booth apps. We chose IncrediBooth because it was in my price range (99 cents), uses the front facing camera (guests could see themselves as they hammed it up for the camera), has the standard 4-picture photostrip feature and several different retro image effects.

We used a Rocketfish iPad stand to secure the iPad on a table within our homemade booth.

My husband is handy. He spray painted and constructed a photo booth frame from pvc pipe. We made a 10 foot long by 6 foot high wall. I bought curtain panels (in the wedding colors of course) from a discount store. These were hung from the top pvc rods. We placed our moveable wall in a corner of the reception room, enclosing 3 sides of our photo booth.

We used twine to hang a lettered sign across the front of our booth. Props were purchased, made and borrowed. We had hats, boas, mustaches, glasses, bead necklaces, crowns, sunglasses and speech bubbles on sticks with erasable markers at hand. The props were placed in colorful baskets outside the photo booth. The hats hung on decorative rope on our photo booth wall with clothespins.

Inside the booth, we set up our table. The small table supported the iPad in its stand and a lamp which lit up the booth.

We had one person scheduled to ‘man’ the photo booth at all times to assist those who needed help.

Right after taking the pictures, guests were able, with a simple touch of the screen, to email the pictures or post them on Facebook.

During dinner, we plugged the iPad into the projector and shared the photo booth pictures with everyone.

After the reception, my daughter and her husband were able to see all of the photos and were amazed how everyone, no matter the generation, got into the spirit of the ridiculous. They had fun emailing pictures to friends with their own commentary.

When all was said and done, creating our own digital photo booth cost less than renting one. Now that is the way to justify an iPad. And the pictures? Priceless.


19 thoughts on “Using an iPad 2 and IncrediBooth to create a do-it-yourself Wedding Photo Booth”

  1. What an excellent idea! There is really no end to the interesting things to do with the iPad!
    I ordered my iPad from the Apple website, and it was delivered directly to my rural Canadian home in 6 days!

  2. What a fun idea! I have an iPad 2 and I’ve played with the built in photo features a little bit…hadn’t thought of putting them to this type of use! Thanks for the inspiration ~ Sheila

  3. Help how can I convince my daughter to have the DIY photo booth rather than the expensive route? Details please – who watched the ipad etc Thanks

    1. To convince our daughter, we trialed the Photo Booth app and ipad at a family event. This way she could see the ipad in action with young and old. It made for some great bonding and laughs. For the reception, we assigned people shifts in the photo booth (mainly the young cousins). Their job was to instruct when necessary and keep an eye on the ipad. The guests posted many of the pictures as their facebook profile pictures. Great fun!

  4. I love this idea! I am wondering though, how were the guests able to send them via email or to facebook without taking the ipad out of the stand? I am thinking through how this would work logistically. Who pressed the button to take the photo or is there some kind of accessory you can get to remotely snap the picture, or is that the function of the assistant you had? Sorry to be so inquisitive but I am truly thinking of doing it this way.

    1. Hi Pam:
      The guests dressed up and then stood in front of the iPad with the Incredibooth app open. They could see themselves on the app screen and one person would press the camera button built into the app to start the series of four snapshots. It was so very easy that even the older generation needed minimal support. Once the pictures are taken, the guests could view their snapshots and click on a share button to share their pictures immediately to facebook or email. Couldn’t have been simpler. Good luck!

      1. Thanks PW! I am going to get a new iPad (mine was one of the first ones they ever made) and try it out. Then we will have a better grasp on how it would work. Thank you so very much for taking the time to share this on the internet!

  5. What about printing the pictures at the reception? Do you know if you would be able to do that with an ipad and a mini printer?

  6. Thanks PW for answering our questions! I bought the IPAD, downloaded the app and am currently working on props. I am so excited about this!

  7. how was the quality of the pictures from the ipad camera? trouble with lighting? I’m trying to decide between using my DSLR and my ipad for my DIY photobooth

  8. Did you have any issues with the quality of the photos? When I use the front facing camera on my ipad2, the picture quality is pretty low.


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