No, Not Yet


My granddaughter is 2 years old. When I said, “You are getting so big.” She said, ‘No, not yet.” When I said, “You need to use the potty chair.” She said, “No, not yet.” When I said, “It is time for bed.” She said…that’s right, “No, not yet.”

I believe my granddaughter is really quite brilliant. She has found a way to say no that is completely endearing. A simple ‘no’ is easy to reckon with but a ‘no, not yet’ said in a calm, practical voice is hard to resist. How did she get so smart?

Smarter than her grandma, that is for sure. Juggling two demanding jobs {the day job and the night job} has gobbled up my free time. Family has first dibs on any free time I salvage. Everything else is taking a back seat as in “No, not yet.”



7 thoughts on “No, Not Yet”

  1. She’s endearing. I was just wondering how you are — now that I see you are busy and well occupied, I won’t worry.

    Come back whenever you can. We’ll all still be here.



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