Girls Will Be Girls No Matter the Era

I love the simple beauty of this photo from 1934. Just another typical afternoon of girls playing with dolls and living in the moment. It looks warm and friendly and adorable. I have to wonder, though, how the little one (Betty) stood for this picture with no doll and no tears. I hope she had her turn after the camera was put away, and knowing mom (the oldest), she did.

Yet I can’t look at this picture without experiencing sadness with the joy. The joy comes from peeking into the past and seeing mom enjoying an afternoon with her young cousins. The sadness comes from the harsh realities of prairie living that would soon touch the lives of the girls pictured. Farm living was hard work and dangerous. Living on the prairie kept children grounded in the reality of life and death.

This prairie backdrop is the foundation of faith and survival for my family. Life is precious. We don’t know the length of our journey on earth so we learn to make the most of each day. No excuses.


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