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The Magic of Water

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.
The Immense Journey, 1957   Loren Eiseley

Water calls to me each summer. I walk and bike along the rivers of my city. I travel to rivers, lakes and oceans to wade and swim.

Some would say it is the summer heat that brings me to the water. That is so very true. It is also the peace water provides. When you look across an expanse of water, your mind quiets. Water is flat and wide and wondrous.

Being near the water is a sensory experience. Your skin feels cool and damp. The rippling sounds slow thought and calm worries. The smells can be a challenge, but then you inhale the fresh scent of mist, salt and dreams.

I remember taking our children to the water.

To cool off…

To rest…

To play…

We bring animals to the water.

And now, we are bringing our grandchildren to the water.

The magic of water is in its gifts.

The gift of life.
The joy of shared experiences.
The blessed peace.