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Shift Your Thinking then Share, Share, Share

Something amazing is happening. People are sharing on the web for free.

While the establishment continues to talk and talk and talk about money, people are shifting their thinking to a new reality. The reality of sharing. Sharing ideas. Sharing knowledge. Sharing talents. Sharing access to information.

The people who are sharing come from all walks of life. Some are sharing in their spare time after working all day outside the home. Some work in the home and are sharing around child rearing schedules. Some are retirees sharing their experiences. Some are students who have a fresh perspective on our world. Some are working for businesses sharing resources on the web. Some are working for government institutions sharing information and tools. Want examples?

  • Education – Last weekend I downloaded and took my first Stanford University Online class free through iTunes U. How thrilling to have access to such quality education. Stanford isn’t the only free online learning available but it was my first attempt and now I am hooked.
  • Blogs – People are sharing recipes, wisdom, humor, experiences, talents and more through their blogs. Following blogs has changed my life. I am thankful I chanced upon a public radio show highlighting blog hosting sites. WordPress was described, I drove home and started this blogging journey…for free.
  • Social Magazines – I use Flipboard and Zite daily to read information on the web in an appealing format. These web magazines enable me to consume large volumes of information pertaining to my topics of interest. And the biggest plus, since I get the majority of my news this way I no longer have to watch or listen to negative campaign ads.
  • Virtual ToolsPinterest is the tool I use to organize my favorite things. Pinterest is just one of many free tools on the web. With so many tools and so little time I look to others for guidance. GarrisonSites is my source for learning about free and cool tools.

So, sharing is the new big idea. The next time you find yourself thinking “How can I make money from this idea?” stop, shift and join others who are asking “How can I share this idea?”

Oh and by the way, the business and political leaders of the world should sit up and pay attention. We, the people, aren’t doing the business of living the same anymore. Hmmm. Maybe this has something to do with the changing monetary landscape of the middle class.

Note: I may be adding to this list.  And I know, I know… I did not highlight Facebook or Twitter. Not my favorite places to go to learn, explore and expand my mind. They do have a lot of sharing, but much of it could be left unsaid. Just saying.