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Using the freezer to stash grocery deals

My family loves bread. When I was young you made your own bread, purchased bread from the bakery or chose from a few varieties of bread at the grocery store (remember Wonder bread?). Now, almost one entire grocery aisle is devoted to bread. You can buy flatbread, whole grain bread, cinnamon bread, egg bread, rye bread and much, much more. Bread slices have become larger, more flavorful, and sadly, more loaded with sugar.

Since I have started to reduce the amount of hidden sugar in my diet (yes, even milk has sugar) I am looking more critically at the nutrition labels of everything I purchase. I love Brownberry Oatnut bread. When I looked at the sugar content of one slice of Oatnut bread, I realized I was going to have to bid my Oatnut a fond adieu. Thankfully, Brownberry has come up with a healthful line of bread that only has 2 grams of sugar a slice. The healthful line has two varieties, Nutty grain or 10 grain. Now that I found a new bread to love, I had to find a way to purchase my new favorite at a price I can afford. Here is where couponing, perusing the grocery ads and the freezer come in handy.

This past week I hit the jackpot. Brownberry bread was on special at the local grocery store for $1.89 with an in-store coupon. I was limited to one loaf per purchase but since the grocery store is on the way home from my office this was not a problem. Each day I stopped by the grocery store and bought a loaf of bread. Bread is one of the products you can place in the freezer to be used later. My freezer is now loaded with bread. It is the bread I love, at a price I can afford and has very little sugar. The bread fits easily in our freezer because the ice cream has mysteriously disappeared.