Bold and Cautious

prairie_wisdom_says 2

Seriously, is anything better than being a grandparent? Not much. I love enjoying these little ones and am happy to turn them over to their parents when things get dicey.

I travel to see my grandkids, so when I am with them, I am present to their needs. Read 15 books in a row? Sure. Build a fort out of pillows and blankets? Most definitely. Sing off-key to entertain their giggles? I am not afraid of their censure.

Take them to a splash park? Wait, what? Okay, sure, we can spend the afternoon playing in the water. The first 15 minutes of our splash park adventure, I watched them build their courage. They were hesitant to get wet. It reminded me of a trip to a water park years ago with my sister’s family. When we arrived at the water park my sister said, “I don’t want to get wet!” I said, “It’s a water park. You’ll not only get wet, you’ll get drenched.” My sister responded, “Do they rent wetsuits?”

The six-year-old ventured into the water spray first, followed minutes later by the four-year-old. What a joy to watch them dare to get wet. Dare to stand under a spray of water. Dare to be brave and wet and cold.SAM_1700_2

The kids tried every water feature except for the five water buckets. I was standing on the sidelines, under an umbrella to shield my aged skin from the sun, when all of a sudden my umbrella was confiscated. Now, they were ready to brave the water bucket dump.

Yep, those two standing under the umbrella are mine.




6 thoughts on “Bold and Cautious”

  1. How funny! I was observing my nephews kids at the pool the other day, and the 3 year old never did go in the water!


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