Well, That Was Certainly Unexpected

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My job involves traveling to homes to visit with families. I am privileged to be invited into these houses. I love working with children and families.

The other day, a coworker and I were meeting with a family. Usually, I perch on the edge of the couch as I talk and take notes. This day, I decided to get comfortable and leaned back to enjoy the flow of conversation.

When the meeting concluded, I started to rise when I noticed something was not right. So, I sat down again. I looked around. Everything seemed normal. I stood again and realized I was dragging a large couch pillow with me. The pillow was attached to my rear end. Not a small pillow, mind you. This was a huge pillow with fringe.


Somehow, while leaning back against the sofa, I had wrapped the fringe around my back pocket button. Multiple times.

As I stood there, everyone began to notice that I had a pillow hanging from my rear.  The family moved forward to help me. I raised my hand to stop their progress while shoving my back towards my coworker. She began fumbling and muttering behind me.  I thought I would need to request a scissors when I was finally, gloriously released from the weight of the pillow.

And that, was that.

I shook everyone’s hands and made it to the foyer before I collapsed in giggles. My coworker said all things professional and nice as I let myself out the front door and raced to the car. Now, the joy knew no bounds.

I have an overactive sense of humor during the mundane. But add any excitement and I am transported for days.


8 thoughts on “Well, That Was Certainly Unexpected”

  1. Thanks for my best laugh of the day. And it is so nice to see you pop up in my inbox! Seat cushion or no seat cushion ;).

  2. This was fantastic and I loved that you handled it with humor and grace, that’s a real skill that not all have :) Great to see you back writing again!!


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