Time to act Grandmotherly


When our daughter informed us she was pregnant with our first grandchild, I decided to act grandmotherly and learn how to crochet.

I signed up for a class at our local yarn shop. In just one evening we would learn how to crochet a beautiful shell stitch baby blanket. The beginner friendly pattern was reported to be fast and easy. Sounded perfect.

Two weeks before the class I received a packet in the mail containing a list of required materials as well as the crochet pattern. As I reviewed the contents, I became slightly concerned because the language on the handouts seemed foreign to me. Terms such as skein, worsted weight, 5 dc in next sc, and sl st to name just a few. I took my list of materials to the store, handed them to a clerk and was soon the proud recipient of $22.00 worth of yarn, hooks, needles and other items I didn’t recognize.

The evening of the class soon arrived and I brought my materials {still housed in the original plastic shopping bag}. I sat near the front of the class so I would be able to see and hear the instructor. As the instructor began, I was rummaging for my ball of yarn, ripping open the packaging surrounding my hooks and trying to balance the pattern on my knees. I looked at the pattern and watched and listened to the instructor but within moments I was hopelessly confused. I raised my hand.

Instructor: “Yes?”
Me: “Could you show me that again?”
Instructor: “Which part?
Me: “All of it.”

With a smile, I was relegated to the back of the room where a remedial session was taking place.

Ah, this was more my pace and yet this slower version of the class was not any more helpful. What was the woman doing with her hands any way? Her hands were moving up and down, in and out with yarn somehow forming the beginnings of a beautiful baby blanket. My blanket looked like a knotted mess. I raised my hand.

Second Instructor: “Yes?”
Me: “I don’t seem to be getting the hang of this. Could you show me how to do this again?
Second Instructor: “Which part?
Me: “All of it.

The instructor moved into a chair next to mine and demonstrated each stitch slowly and clearly. I didn’t get it. So she took my yarn, unknotted the mess and began constructing my blanket from scratch. She completed two rows as I watched. I kept edging closer and closer to her as I tried to make sense of what she was doing. I was seriously invading her space bubble but I thought if I could just get a better look then I would be able to figure this out. When I was practically sitting on her lap, she decided she had had enough. She murmured  encouragement as she dumped my work and yarn back into my lap and moved far, far away from me.

I turned to the struggling ‘student’ sitting beside me and we both started chuckling. I asked her, “Are you going to be a new grandmother too?” She replied, “Is it that obvious?” After looking at her knotted mess of yarn, acknowledging her age and the fact that we were both trying to crochet a baby blanket I said, “Well, yes. Yes, it is.”

With a wave and best wishes to her, I packed my yarn and tools into my plastic bag and made for the door.

The yarn and materials sat in that plastic bag for four years. Then one day I happened to watch a YouTube video on how to crochet a hat. Through the magic of video I could watch and listen to the explanation over and over and over again. I dug in the closet and unearthed my yarn and hooks and started to crochet that very day. And I have not stopped since.

~~~~~ Here is a sampling of my latest crochet creations ~~~~~


The Jar Cozy ~ pattern from Confessions of a Sewciopath

I plan to embellish the cozy with crochet flowers or snowflakes and fill with treats for gifts.



The Flower Burst Handbag ~ pattern from Chocolate Mints in Jar

Since this was my first attempt making a handbag, I used that baby yarn from that long ago class rather than purchasing new yarn. I have yet to make an actual baby blanket out of this yarn. Some day….



My favorite project to date is the Daisy Blanket from tillie tulip and the Waving to Granny Hat from Mr. Micawber’s Recipe for Happiness.

A coworker recently had twins so I decided to crochet each of them a blanket and hat. Hattie will receive this pink version. Parker is going to get the same designs in purple. I look forward to gifting these handmade treats.

Click on the following links for the daisy blanket patterns:
How to create the daisy
Adding rounds to the daisy
Join as you go part I
Join as you go part II

I crocheted with an I (5.5 mm) hook. I used baby soft acrylic yarn with a bulky (5) white  and a medium (4) pink and yellow.

To make the adorable hat, follow the pattern located here: Waving to Granny Hat pattern


9 thoughts on “Time to act Grandmotherly”

    1. It is amazing the transformative nature of information on the web. I have learned so very much from YouTube. I know my mom and grandma would have loved this new way to learn.

  1. Hey, good for you for learning a new skill! I love watching videos on YouTube…like you describe, I often need multiple demos to “get” something new. Love your projects, and your determination! AND, I’m sure you’re a great grandmother! ~ Sheila


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