Jowls, Howls and dare I say…

Aging Detractors

Let’s get right to the detractors…

Skin no longer behaves as it used to. It doesn’t spring back. It doesn’t smooth out. It wrinkles and sags and, well, shows its age. Let’s not mention the fear when you peer into a mirror and suspect you are seeing what looks like the beginning of jowls. That cannot possibly be my image reflected in the mirror.

Next we have the growing ability to express ourselves with howls of laughter or howls of pain. Either way, the howls are going to erupt from you at the most inopportune times. And how about the newfound ability to snort. Now where did that gift come from? Please, go away.

Finally, there is the digestive system. Really, enough said. Almost. Young people need to be aware that this once normally functioning bodily system will eventually revolt and cause embarrassment and anguish. I could go into graphic detail but I won’t…today.

And yet, I would not turn back the clock one moment. I am thankful for the gifts age has given me. Perspective. Patience. Acceptance.  Blah, blah, blah.

Okay. What is really bothering me? The possibility of jowls. Jowls!


13 thoughts on “Jowls, Howls and dare I say…”

  1. Oh, PW, you are so right. You’ve heard about the alternative to all of these, haven’t you? It’s where everything tightens up — rigor mortis! I think I prefer my sags. And I do love Droopy. In fact, I think I married him!

  2. “Skin no longer behaves as it used to. It doesn’t spring back. It doesn’t smooth out.” Ha – I thought it was just me! Ever wake up with the pillow crease in your jaw that won’t smooth out and it looks like an old scar until mid-morning? Yikes!

  3. I had to go to work one day with the pattern of the sofa pillow on my cheek (husband snores). One of my students asked me what had happened to my face as it was there for about two hours!


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