Good Grief ~ It Really Worked!

This summer has been a challenge for my wardrobe. It has been extremely hot and I have been doing a lot of sweating…I mean ‘glowing’. Unfortunately, all this glowing is damaging my white shirts, specifically under the arms. I have tried many methods to get this section of my shirts pristine white again with no luck. So when I read about a way to save my shirts at One Good Thing by Jillee, I was skeptical. But, since I am learning to live with what I have rather than running to the store to purchase new, I thought I’d give it a try.

The stain removing recipe calls for hydrogen peroxide, Dawn dish liquid and baking soda. Having only one of the ingredients at home, I started out by traveling to the store. Just what I had been trying to avoid. Resigned and $4.29 later, I arrived home to mix up a batch of this miracle cleaner.

Jillee indicates you should mix 1 part Dawn dish liquid with 2 parts hydrogen peroxide. She also suggests adding baking soda to give the concoction an extra punch of scrubbing power.

I mixed together 3/4 cup Dawn with 1 1/2 cups hydrogen peroxide and then added a scant 1/4 cup of baking soda. After I stirred it together, I realized I had a very large batch, so I went to my closet and pulled out every white shirt I could find.

Using a soft brush, which I had on hand, I scrubbed the solution onto the stains. I let the shirts ‘rest’ for a couple of hours and then washed the load as usual.

When the cycle finished, I opened the lid and carefully pulled out the first shirt examining the underarms. Then I shouted, “Good grief, it really worked!” Each shirt looks brand new.

Now my white shirts are drying on the clothesline on our porch as I let the hot summer air do its work. And since our clothes dryer has been placed on an extended leave, I am saving even more cents. Oh happy day.

17 thoughts on “Good Grief ~ It Really Worked!”

  1. excellent! all that glowing can dull the pits… Did you find that the whole load was brighter in general or just that the stains went away? I love the summer whites, but the get dull/dingy after a few years although nothing is wrong with them otherwise…

  2. I love this! 1) a handy tip that actually works and 2) a clothesline … is there any better smell than clothes/sheets off a clothesline? Downy can’t compete with that :)


  3. I mixed up a batch of a very similar recipe over the weekend. I’d read that it will remove human and pet urine stains from mattresses (ala bed wetting toddlers). This particular recipe called for one drop Dawn + 8 oz hydrogen peroxide + 3T baking soda mixed into a spray bottle. The blogger offered before & after pics of a mattress with a 2-3 week old or so stain. She claimed the stain lifted in about 10 minutes.

  4. OK, PW, I am going to do something I have never done with anyone’s blog. I am bookmarking this post and I will be trying this (yes, at home).


  5. I actually just saw this last night when I was doing a bit of Pinterest surfing. So excited to know it works! I have a few shirts that could benefit from this too! Thanks for road testing and letting us know! ~ Sheila

  6. I tried it!!!!!! I had 3 lovely cotton blouses that I bought years ago which would now be way out of my budget. They had HORRIBLE “glow” marks and I kept them anyway. Stains totally gone! Also worked on a 100% polyester tank top. You made my day! Thank you!


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