{DIY} Maid Service Mug Rug

My sister thinks she is hilarious. And, I admit, it is mostly true.

Why not completely true? Because she believes weird, comic greeting cards are funny. Each birthday she sends one of these delights to me. Ha, ha, ha.

I was fine with my once a year birthday jab but these ‘funny’ sayings are now appearing on wall plaques. Yep. My sister is purchasing these treasures and gifting them to me throughout the year. Here are the latest two I have received…

So now it is time to retaliate. Guess who (my sister) has a birthday coming up and I am rubbing my hands together in delight. No mushy card this year. Just some honest to goodness ‘back at you’ fun.

One of My Gifts for Her: The {DIY} Maid Service Mug Rug

I imagine her sitting down with her morning coffee and muffin and using her new mug rug to humor me. Then, the peace will be disturbed by her need to press the red button. After repeated pushes, no maid will arrive and coffee will be put aside as she goes to tidy up the kitchen. Funny? I believe so… and happy birthday with a smile and a great big hug.

A Little Background on Mug Rugs: 

  • A mug rug is bigger than a coaster because it is designed to hold a cup and snack.
  • Mug rugs are often made using scrap fabric you have on hand.
  • The size and design for mug rugs vary greatly.

The {DIY} Maid Service Mug Rug

Materials: Scrap fabric, batting, cardstock, spray adhesive, computer and printer

  • This mug rug measures 9 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches tall.
  • I designed my maid service text using my word processing program. For the red button, I copy and pasted a button I found with google image search. While I cannot share my template (because I do not own the image), Here is a pdf of my basic design.
  • I printed my text and image onto fabric following a tutorial at Polish the Stars
  • I cut out my maid service text square, then sewed scrap fabric strips (of varying widths) to the top and side until my mug rug measured 9 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches tall. You will find a wonderful tutorial (with pictures) for constructing a basic mug rug at The Curious Quilter

10 thoughts on “{DIY} Maid Service Mug Rug”

  1. Very cute! And great job! I never heard of a “mug rug” before. What a fun gift! Happy birthday to your sister. It will be interesting to see what you get next from her! ~ Sheila

  2. Wait a minute. I thought I was the crazy aunt everyone warned you against!

    Sisters are supposed to yank your chain; that’s what they’re there for. It’s also how you learned (and quite well) to yank back harder! Well done, PW!

  3. Hahaha….my sister’s b’day is in Aug and she got ALL the cleaning genes in our family (luckily I got the gardening ones).
    You’ve given me a great idea.


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