No Expiration Date

This summer, I truly have an empty nest. Our kids are launched into adulthood, their own lives and homes.

My empty nest is yielding hours and hours of time. What do I do with this abundance of time? Travel, read, spend time with family and friends and deep clean our house. How deep? Well, I was scrubbing the kitchen tile grout with a toothbrush yesterday. Never did that before.

Today, I organized mom’s handwritten recipes. While I was digging through the recipes, I found a folder labeled ‘Coupons’. I was about to toss the whole pile in the garbage when I started looking through them. Mom had meticulously stored hundreds of coupons with no expiration date from the 1980s and early ’90s.

I am sitting on a gold mine!

Or so I thought until I spotted products that no longer look familiar…

Oh the memories these products resurrect.

In mom’s pile, I also found coupons for brands still being sold today.

I plan to redeem these ‘no expiration date’ coupons at our local grocery store. Should be interesting as I use them to purchase crescent rolls, cheerios, band-aids and toilet paper. Products that stand the test of time.

While I did not actually discover a gold mine today,
it certainly has been a (gold) rush… {I sure did love those bars}

15 thoughts on “No Expiration Date”

  1. How funny! I can just see this happening to me. My mom saves a lot! Good luck with those coupons, hope you cash at least a few of them in! And enjoy that super clean floor! (I know just where you are this summer- been there myself!) ~ Sheila

    1. Life sure does change. I wish we could disperse time more equitably throughout the stages of our life… banking time when we have extra, using up that time when we need more.

      1. Oh my goodness! I wish we could do that too…I’m watching my daughter juggle her family, two year old and morning sickness, teaching, and “keeping milk in the house”…reminds me of how busy my days were with my two little ones, and all the years of being the taxi service, homework nazi…loved it, but it was busy and exhausting. I have to say that I am enjoying finally having some “me” time…time to grow myself and new interests. I would bet you’ll find that to be true as well. Good luck with your empty nest transition! ~ Sheila

    1. That is what my husband said…wish I could find those individuals who were interested in them. For now, I put the file folder back in the pantry to be organized another day.


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