A Spectacular Fall

I have been reducing my reliance on fossil fuels by biking everywhere. To the library, grocery store, post office, breakfast club, you name it. My car has been in the garage getting a much needed rest…until last Wednesday when my bike riding came to a crashing halt.

So what happened? Since I have been out in the sun a lot, I decided to purchase a hat. I had been using sunscreen but figured a cute hat was necessary for added protection.

Last week, I set off wearing my adorable hat. As I was biking down our hill, the wind caught my hat and sent it airborne. In a moment of reflexive stupidity, I reached up to make a grab for the hat while braking with my right hand, all while careening down a hill.

Next thing I knew, I was tipping, then landing and finally skidding across the black pavement. Luckily, no one apparently witnessed this spectacular fall. I started cataloging the injuries. Knees, bloody. Hands and forearms, scraped and bloody. Right shoulder, scraped raw through my shirt. And, oh no, the face. Scraped and with a cut where my sunglasses had split open the skin.

I dragged my damaged bike and self to the shade of a tree, reached into my backpack and pulled out tissues to begin blotting the scrapes and bruises. Noticing my hat sitting innocently in the middle of the street, I retrieved it and plopped it on my head, carefully.

After more wound triage, I gave in and called my husband at work. He ran out to the parking lot where he realized he didn’t have his car, just the bike he had ridden to work that day. So, he hopped on and raced home to help me.

A visit to the doctor (we drove) yielded a choice between stitches and butterfly sutures. I chose the bandage option. No broken bones. No sprains. Just scrapes, bruises and a free dermabrasion skin treatment. The nurse commented “You sure are taking this well. I would be balling.” I said, “Well, I would be balling if it wasn’t my own stupid fault.”

The bike is in the shop getting repaired and will be back in action on July 5th. Hopefully, I will be more cautious as I take the hills and remember to always keep two hands on the handlebars! For added insurance, I have gone out and purchased some new gear. So the lady wearing Under Armour, biking gloves and helmet while riding at a sedate pace will be me. No stylish hat in sight.

The song Falling Down, by Joe Purdy, has taken on a whole new meaning for me…


15 thoughts on “A Spectacular Fall”

  1. Oh, shoot! So not what we want to happen, is it?! I live about 13 miles outside of town, so biking isn’t an option for me, but I applaud you for doing it! :-) I’m glad you weren’t hurt worse – bad enough as it was, though. I hope you have a great 4th of July!

  2. awww what a bummer! There’s nothing quite like a spectacular fall to clip our wings, so to speak. You’re going to be sore for a bit yet … but I hope your pride will mend, too!! Happy 4th!

    1. I am extremely frugal, so I resurrected my old helmet from the garage that doesn’t fit, cleaned it up (eliminating the spider webs and bugs) and realized this helmet would not do at all. Then, in a wonderful twist of fate, a friend sent me a thank you card with a gift card to our local sports equipment store. So now I can go out and purchase a new helmet without worrying about the expense. A blessing!

  3. Ouchie! There’s a cool little clip that we used to use when sailing that clips on the hat and then to your shirt…I’ve made some on the cheap w/ some nice colored embroidery floss and two safety pins, which works the same :) That way at least when/if your hat takes to the wind again, you can know it won’t fly too far. Hope you and your bike are back in action asap…thanks for a small carbon foot print Prairie Wisdom, my grandchildren will appreciate your efforts ;)

    1. What a wonderful idea. I have been walking, rather than biking, the last few days and the hat continues to want to fly in the wind. I plan to sew a scarf onto my hat to give me a cute way to tie it under my chin.

  4. Oh, I’m sorry to hear about your spill! I’m a cautious bike rider myself, always expecting to end up on the sidewalk. Sounds like something that could happen to me! Good for you, though, getting right back on after your fall! Hope you’re healing well. ~ Sheila

    1. I am healing very well but still very cautious as I ride. I am hoping my confidence returns some day but am guessing that as I age my balance will continue to be an issue. Will just have to pile on the protective gear ;)


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