Almost Nice and Definitely Dorky

I remember countless times mom telling us to mind our manners. In public, she wanted our family to appear nice and normal. Well, just look at us. Normal? How about nice and dorky. That is me in the middle with the white bow on my head. In mom’s attempt to make us look good we looked…interesting.

Back in the day, nice and normal was defined by TV families. The moms wore dresses, the dads wore ties and all of the kids were well groomed and exceedingly polite. Sometimes my family could pull it off and appear nice and normal. Sometimes, my family was not so nice and slightly dysfunctional. But usually, we were almost nice and completely dorky.

This picture was taken on July 20th, 1969, the day Apollo 11 landed on the moon. We had gathered at great Aunt Cora and Uncle Lester’s to watch the moon landing on television. Since the house was small the TV had been moved outside onto a porch on the north side of the detached garage. We sat watching this historic event in the back yard with Walter Cronkite as our guide. There was some fear, some excitement and I must admit, some boredom. It seemed so surreal.

I remember that July day with vivid clarity. Mainly because it was another family event that forged the bond that binds us together. Mom and dad are both gone now but I still have all my siblings. My sister and two brothers continue to share their love, laughter and yes, even their dorkiness. Happy Valentine’s Day to my siblings. I love you.

13 thoughts on “Almost Nice and Definitely Dorky”

  1. In a recent girl coffee talk we went around the table and discovered only one person had a “normal family.” What a relief…to find dysfunctional and quirky is normal. Thanks for sharing this moment. For many years, the question that circulated among my age group was: What were you doing when??? Man walked on the moon? Kennedy was shot?

  2. What a great memory! Love the photo! And what family isn’t dorky? I think if that’s the worst you can say about your family, you’re doing all right! My family (both birth and the one I helped create) members are a mix of wonderful, funny, irritating, unique, talented…maybe dorky fits too! ~ Sheila


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