I Want to Hear Your Voices, Really, I Do!

I have been fiddling with the idea of adding SpeakPipe to my blog. I love to try new technologies and SpeakPipe is in public beta and is absolutely free (at least for now).

So what does SpeakPipe do? It is a voicemail widget enabling bloggers to receive voice messages from their readers. Instead of typing comments, readers can choose to post voice comments instead.

I would sure love to hear your voices. I have in mind the way each of your voices sounds and it would be fun to test my imagination with your voice reality.

Excited to give it a try, I headed over to the SpeakPipe website. That was when my paranoia once again ground me to a standstill. You see, I could try it but I had to do something I didn’t want to do before proceeding.

Yes, SpeakPipe was asking for permission to access my microphone while ensuring me they would never access my computer camera. Huh. There must be a lot of like-minded people on the web for them to put that statement in bold letters.

I removed my hands from the mouse, sat back and started thinking about conspiracy theories. And wasn’t that a great way to spend the evening.

So, as you may notice, my blog does not have the SpeakPipe widget added. And for your information, a post-it note continues to cover my computer’s built-in camera and I wish I knew the location of my microphone’s on/off switch.


15 thoughts on “I Want to Hear Your Voices, Really, I Do!”

    1. What would happen if they (big brother who is watching) posted our pictures and voices as we wrote our posts. Mine would be demented because I am laughing, slapping my head, talking to myself and looking completely deranged.

  1. Never heard of this. I’m not usually one to be paranoid, but I think I would feel the same. And while I like the idea of really getting to know people…I’ve even thought it would be fun to connect with fellow bloggers in person if travel puts me in someone’s area…I also like the relative anonymity (sp?) that we have in this arena. Not that I have anything to hide…that I can think of at the moment, anyway!

    By the way…I’m realizing that although I signed up a while back to follow your blog, I’m not getting your posts in my email, the way I receive updates from other bloggers…maybe I missed something on your page. I’ll check it out! ~ Sheila


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