Turn Around Luck

Mondays. Who loves them? Usually I endure Mondays, but this past one was barely survivable.

It started at 7:30 when I was completing a final computer check before a large software training event. The required software had been installed and tested the week before but on Monday was not working. I had 45 minutes to get 20 machines running before our trainer, who had flown in for the event, started teaching.

I ran from machine to machine installing software as participants arrived. They walked up to me and stood chatting, telling me about their weekends, their children and the latest recipes they had tried. I thought to myself, “Just look at me. I have a crisis on my hands. I don’t have time to talk!” But my social skills enabled me to appear normal as I nodded and commented and continued to run around the room. These people followed me.

After the morning session, we had 45 minutes for lunch. I invited our trainer to come with me to a local sub shop for a quick bite. When we arrived at the restaurant I realized I did not have a wallet. What to do. I told the trainer to go on in and that I would join her. I searched for loose change but came up with nothing. Resigned, I joined her and watched as she ordered. Then she turned to me and said, “Your turn.” I said, “I’m not hungry.” You can imagine the conversation from that point on but the end result is she bought me lunch. Boy did I feel foolish but not as foolish as I felt a few moments later.

We got back into my car, I put the key in the ignition and it wouldn’t start. The heater blew air. The lights went on. The car engine did nothing. And then I couldn’t turn the key to the off position. The trainer looked at me with raised eyebrows. I said, “Evidently, I should have paid more attention to the black cloud that’s been hanging over my head.”

I was finally able to turn off the car. We waited exactly 90 seconds, then I tried again and the car miraculously started. That ‘s when I noticed my bluetooth hands-free car phone was no longer working because my briefcase started to ring. Since my briefcase was in the back seat, I missed that call.

So where did this all lead?

  • On Wednesday, I took my car in for repair. It cost me $32.00. Crazy, right?
  • While there I asked how much it would cost to get another key made since I lost my car key in December and had been using my husband’s ever since. The technician said it would cost $250.00. No thank you.
  • Last night, my husband in fear that we would need to spend $250 for a new key found mine in an old coat pocket. When did I wear that old thing?
  • This morning my car started right up and my phone once again connected with my car.

This afternoon I went out and bought a lottery ticket.

18 thoughts on “Turn Around Luck”

  1. it’s days like these that make you look at the uneventful days with anticipation…or with an eye turned over your shoulder waiting for the next ‘adventure’

  2. We lost a whole set of keys over a year ago. We had to run errands in a blizzard, and Andy had me start the car- so as far as we knew, he was the last one to have them. We always figured he’d dropped them in a snow bank somewhere. And boy did I give him the guilt trip about losing all of my keys!

    I had to shovel the walk the other day, so I went downstairs and got my heavy duty old coat… and the one pocket was unusually heavy. Lo and behold- my keys! And I’ve been blaming poor Andy for a whole year!

    1. ha ha I do hope you have since made it up to Andy.
      Great post here too. It was just one of those days! We all get them only it seems to me, aren’t as significant since I am not in the work force. Still……………


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