Tell Me How You Define Beauty

I came across this vimeo by Jesse Rosten this week and liked his message. He posted: “This commercial isn’t real, neither are society’s standards of beauty.

I am enjoying growing older. With age comes experience, wisdom and, of course, changes to my appearance. While I do use products to try to curb the ravages of aging, I don’t mind the wrinkles. Mine are mostly laugh lines and doesn’t that say something about me.

Beauty is more than just our appearance, don’t you think?


21 thoughts on “Tell Me How You Define Beauty”

  1. Oh, that was funny — thanks so much. I am just going into the homestretch of 54-1/2 so it made me feel, well, that I’ve earned the way I look!

  2. I do take care of my skin now and I regret the years of lying in the sun with baby oil & iodine going for that golden tan .. what an idiot!

    Now, I accept the lines and my naturally curly hair. Like you, my wrinkles seem to be land where the smiles have been. I like that.

    Cheers for your day!

  3. wait, didn’t YOU teach me how to use all this software???!!!??? wait, here’s my plastic no-wrinkle smile -> :-)

  4. LOL, that’s a brilliant vid! :D

    Beauty is definitely more than outer appearance! True beauty always comes from within.

    I don’t have wrinkles yet (I’m 29), but I already feel that getting older makes me become more relaxed about how I look. I just feel more comfortable with myself now, and I truly don’t miss my teens and early 20s!

    1. Getting older is quite wonderful in most respects. Life doesn’t seem so urgent. On the other hand, the loss of vision, hearing and the other senses kind of insulates us from the world ;)

  5. I’m putting up a fight, but I don’t want the crazy bloated face and alien expressions – or rather lack of expression – that we see on some actresses. Don’t they have mirrors in Hollywood?

    1. Some of the newscasters in the DC area are amongst the worst “victims” of face lifts. You have to wonder if they can even close their eyes at night!

  6. Where can I buy this??? Not saying I want a plastic face, but I wouldn’t mind erasing a couple of things!

    Seriously…sad commentary, because the whole thing looks and sounds so realistic…like a lot of the “real” commercials promising great skin, body, etc., etc., etc.! ~ Sheila


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