A Real Fairytale Life

Sometimes life is a little too real for me. Life can be hard, disappointing, heart-wrenching and may I add devastating. Some days I fondly wish my life was more happily-ever-after rather than day-to-day survival and I consider myself an optimist. I have no idea how pessimists endure.

Lately, I have been noticing the saying “She lived life in her own little fairytale”. I have seen this quote in picture frames, on pillows, on coffee mugs…literally everywhere.  Could this be a sign?

I have been drawn to these words thinking wouldn’t it be nice to live in my own little fairytale. But then, I started to ponder the true meaning of living in a fairytale.

I read a lot of fairytales when I was in my teens and I have to tell you, they were pretty gruesome. The happily-ever-after Disney versions are watered down accounts of the original tales. Thinking back on these tales makes me appreciate the real adventure that is my life. The good, the bad, the easy, the hard and always, the love.

In fairytales, happily-ever-after doesn’t come until the end of the tale. On the way the characters battle good and evil, endure physical challenges, trickery and tests of character while reaching for love and family. Interesting. Kind of sounds like life to me. And maybe that is the true story, we are all living a real version of fairytale lives.


12 thoughts on “A Real Fairytale Life”

  1. Too many fairytales end with marriage. And that’s when happily ever after begins. I love my marriage and my husband, but the story doesn’t end there…. IT STARTS THERE. And it can be spooky there!

  2. Beautiful post. I found you through Renee’s blog, and you have really a nice blog. Good things and bad things happens in this journey of life, but things like hope and dreams make this journey of life a beautiful one!!

  3. Life is full of good and evil, fulfillment and disappointment, happiness and sadness. We just have to wish that in the end the scales are leaning in our favor. May the New Year bring you health and happiness.


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