Letting the Faux Fur Fly

Have you ever tried to sew with faux fur? If you haven’t you are lucky… and I bet your home is spotless.

Faux fur is very, very messy. When you cut it, you end up with fur everywhere. On you. On your sewing table. In your sewing machine. On the floor. Everywhere! You cannot pick it up. You cannot wipe it up. You have to vacuum it up.  The vacuum cleaner has been residing by my cutting table for the past two weeks. We are becoming very attached.

This Christmas, I am making soft fur scarves for gifts. I bestowed the first one upon myself because I thought I should conduct a little product testing. This luxurious scarf was a hit, so my production line began.

I have finished five scarves with three more in various stages of completion. I am ready to be done with the flying fur in my house but have been hampered by my own frugality.

Instead of buying new fabric, I am making my gifts using fabric scraps I already own. The problem is that while I have a room full of fabric, I do not have yardage in colors that lend themselves to beautiful scarves. I have a mountain of bright green iridescent material, which I used a long time ago to make a costume for my son. That green looked great on the Monster from the Green Lagoon but would probably look out of place adorning someone’s neck. Then there is all the leftover fabric for Zubaz I never got around to making. Never heard of Zubaz? Just google it and you will understand why this craze came and then quickly went. I have found some old soft suede that should work nicely but I will have to get inventive to make the amount of suede I own into three more scarves.

Now all I need is a burst of energy or all this fur will be stowed away once again. If that is the case, I guess I will just have to expect the fur to continue to fly.


8 thoughts on “Letting the Faux Fur Fly”

  1. The nice thing is…there is always a bag that will hold the fur and a place that you can stuff it until you get inspired again. Have a Merry Christmas.

  2. I agree…you are so close, don’t give up because you may not want to have the fur flying again…and they may be destined to become UFOs (UnFinished Objects). I also think you are very brave to have even started them! :)


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