Cookie Love

“Cooking is Like Love. It Should Be Entered Into with Abandon or Not at All.”
~Harriet Van Horne

Once upon a time there was a woman with two daughters. To them she bequeathed her appreciation for food made with the freshest ingredients. Raspberries picked in the backyard. Corn grilled in husks over an open flame. Meat marinated in thick homemade sauces. Desserts blended with butter and real cream.

Each year, at Christmas time, the daughters helped prepare traditional foods for the holiday season. A favorite, treasured recipe was for spritz cookies. This cookie had a soft, buttery texture that touched the tongue gently then exploded with flavor. “Hellooooo” this cookie announced as it woke up the senses with eye closing pleasure. As the taste faded, hands would reach for another cookie to extend the experience. After all, if one cookie is good, two will be even better.

What makes this cookie so delightful? To one daughter, the mother said it was the extra half cup of butter. To the other daughter, she said it was the rich egg yolks. The daughters agreed these ingredients were important but knew its true magnificence came from heartwarming memories associated with a loving mom.

Mom has been gone these past 18 years but whenever we make her spritz we feel her presence. Her voice, her image and her mannerisms are resurrected as we bake and taste these delights. Family traditions, especially ones involving multiple senses, provide comfort and remembered love. And that is what makes this cookie truly spectacular. Love you mom.


11 thoughts on “Cookie Love”

  1. Moms make everything taste better! And passing on cherished and treasured recipes are a joyful way to bring that love through to new generations.
    Loved this post and am keeping that recipe.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Love your phrase about waking up the senses with eye closing pleasure! Such a perfect description of a great experience! Your cookies sound wonderful, and I so agree that the best part of a recipe may be the memories associated with it, regardless of how great the taste may be. ~ Sheila


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