Cranberries and Apples and Granola Oh My!

Here’s a good idea. Let’s take family get togethers, friends, special food and traditions and cram them into one month each year and see if we can survive. It will be just like our very own reality show. There will be high drama, insurmountable challenges and of course a cast of characters. If you make it through the first 25 days of this month to the big event you will be rewarded with something without price, memories.

As I write this, I am on day three of a holiday blitzkrieg weekend. Friday, we hosted a holiday party for friends. It was lovely, filling (I ate way too much) and went on and on past my bedtime. Yesterday we traveled to my sister’s for a cookie baking marathon. It took the entire day because the grandchildren came along and everyone knows how cookie baking goes with kids. Flour flew, sugar stuck, fingers were squished, burns were avoided and much cookie sampling ensued. These two events should be all a person has to handle in one weekend. But no. This is December and we do things differently this month.

Today we are traveling again, this time to a family get together where we can hug, laugh and remember Christmases past. We will serve our traditional Christmas meal and open presents with extended family as we celebrate together. Luckily the presents are wrapped and the food was prepared late last night so I am fairly confident today will go very well. That is my hope, my wish and my prayer.

Which leaves me thinking about the week ahead and those people still residing on my Christmas gift list. These are the people that stump you as you rack your brain for a great idea. Luckily, our son has solved this problem with a product he heard about this week. It is called Crapola. Crapola is a mixture of cranberries + apples + granola. Perfect! I will take five. And what makes this even better, it is guaranteed to “make even weird people regular.” Not surprisingly, the weird people are the only ones left on my list.

If you have weird people on your Christmas list (and who doesn’t) you might want to order some Crapola too. Just go to the Crapola! Website and you can minimize your holiday hassles.


16 thoughts on “Cranberries and Apples and Granola Oh My!”

  1. I wish I had known about this Crapola when I was going through chemotherapy. OUCH! I could have used it as a daily supplement!
    Terrific post.

  2. Since you’re doing so much, would you mind adding my sister-in-law to the mix? She is GREAT to have around at holidays, especially Thanksgiving. She is a vegan-vegetarian-bird-loving-PETA member. What could be more fun? I love her to death every other day, but …

    In return, if you ever need to have a root canal, I will do it for you.

  3. Hi, PW — I just nominated you for the 7×7 Link Award. Of course, being me, I forgot to include instructions in the piece. So check back tomorrow …

    Love your writing, your heart


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