It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Another Incident

I always feel a little overwhelmed during the holiday season… and tired. It seems that each day is packed with activities and incidents. The activities I enjoy, the incidents I could do without.

On Thursday, the very first day of this hectic month, my husband and I planned to attend a concert after work. When he got home from work, he walked into the house and yelled, “I’m home!” Then we heard a booming sound behind him. What an entrance. We peered into the garage and noticed the garage door cables hanging down. I believe his beller vibrated the garage door spring to such an extent that it snapped and the door came down with a crash. Great. We had about 45 minutes to change and get our car out of the garage. Since both our cars were parked in the garage, we had to lift the garage door the old fashioned way.

Our garage door is insulated. It weighs 208 pounds. I do not have much upper body strength. We were able to lift that sucker about a foot off the ground. That’s it. We are wimps. Luckily, we have a 3 car garage. We opened the single garage door and moved everything out of the way. Then I watched my husband drive his car forward and backward, forward and backward, forward and backward. You get the general idea. He slowly edged across the garage floor to the empty stall so he could back out the 3rd door. He was finally free. I was ready for a nap. Now it was my turn to get my car out.

Even with all this drama, we made it to the concert with time to spare. The Pines, a young group with “a sound that wavers on the edge of traditional acoustic/roots music, but embraces the nuances of today’s indie-rock and blues music” were wonderful. Their performance was relaxing and lovely and helped me forget about our garage door and all the things I needed to do this month.

The next morning my husband reminded me to take a house key because he was locking our home but leaving our garage unlocked for the garage door company. At noon, I went home for lunch. I tried to open the double garage door but it didn’t open. Not fixed yet. I opened the 3rd stall and drove into the garage. I walked to the door and it was locked. Hmmm. I sure wish I had remembered to bring my house key. I sat on the steps and reached into my purse for my phone to text my husband. No phone. I had forgotten that too. So I grabbed my iPad and sent him an email. He didn’t respond. I have no idea what I expected him to do. Guess I just wanted to share. With nothing else to do I got into my car and went back to work. On the way I listened to The Pines CD, which I had purchased the night before, as I inhaled peace and exhaled stress.

Today is the 3rd day of December. I went out shopping and while I was out the snow came down. It was slippery on the way home. We live at the top of a ridge and my car didn’t make it up our hill. I was close but near the top I started sliding backwards. I let gravity guide me into a driveway and then I drove all the way to the bottom. Luckily this time I had my phone. I called my husband and told him I was going to get a running start and give it one more try and if I couldn’t get up the hill he would have to come and save me.

He stayed on the line as I made my second attempt. At the same spot, the wheels began to spin as I went slower and slower and came to a stop. Not wanting to go all the way down again, I pushed gently on the gas and by some miracle I started edging forward. I am pretty sure my rocking motion helped me go the last few yards as I slowly and painfully crested the top.

Here’s hoping tomorrow can be incident free…if not, I will listen to more of The Pines and do what I always do, enjoy the holiday season regardless of the incidents.

20 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Another Incident”

  1. Wow, you got this month started with a ‘bang’. Here’s hoping it’s all downhill from here…or should that be uphill?…or is that even appropriate? ;)
    Hope it all gets better, and that you have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Well, I hope that you can listen to the Pines without having any more incidents — it would be a waste! Or, if you do continue to have days like these, maybe hibernation is your option. But you must have The Pines piped in to ensure total relaxation and harmony.

    Thanks for the video — they’re great!

  3. Let’s hope the next few weeks are better, and you can end the year well. I locked myself out of the house this summer while my husband was two states away. Yes, it’s certainly fun.

  4. Hey, I love The Pines! I wasn’t familiar with their music, but I’ll sure start getting familiar now! Sorry about your day. I’ve been through the garage door cable snapping part and the can’t quite make it up the hill part, too. The first is kind of hard on the checkbook and the other is very hard on the nerves. Glad your “incident” day is over. Here’s hoping today (Sunday) will be incident free.

  5. All that snow probably helped put you in the Christmas mood anyway. I hope the rest of your holiday season is ‘incident-free’. I’ve finally crawled from beneath my rock and have thanked you for the award properly as well as fulfilled my Liebster duties.

      1. prairiewisdom. ~ One of my favorites…I will give her every award..OK?

        I also gave you the Versatile Blogger Award…feel the love….:)

        I hope tomorrow and all the tomorrows are “incident” free.


  6. We had the garage door incident about four months ago. It scared us silly. My husband had just come out and narrowly missed being hit by the falling door! Hope you don’t have any moe incidents like that!

  7. This sounds so familiar. My first attempt at getting out of the driveway of the first house we rented when we moved to New England. I kept slipping down the driveway trying to reach the street. A neighbor saw my predicament and said if she could fit in my car she would try getting it up to the street (she was eight months pregnant). She backed into a snow pile and gunned my car like a race car driver and reached the street from our driveway that was a the bottom of a hill. I found out later that no body wanted to buy that house because the garage was at the bottom of a hill.

  8. Too funny! Sorry. Is it appropriate to laugh at your “incidents?” The garage door oomphing to a crash at your husband’s bellow? Him doing a 64 point turn to get the car out of the 3rd door? The Pines must really be worth it. And the fact that every time you were in a pickle – you turned to The Pines again makes me smile. You, girl, know your happy place. And I live in Colorado so I can relate to the perils and slips and near misses of winter and winter driving. Happy December!


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