I Can Handle the Hot Water

I found this image at MaryJanesFarm blog. It resonates with me. I come from a long line of women who possessed incredible strength. They lived a truly sustainable, independent life. They grew their own food, helped build sod homes which were later replaced with wood framed homes, cooked, baked, canned, butchered, planted, and birthed. You get the picture. I draw on their strength to this day.

Family stories and lessons from these women give me perspective. Perspective is sadly missing today. Our nation’s political leaders appear to be acting on short term victories rather than long term national gains. How short sighted and how damaging to our future. I believe we are in for a very political hot water year. I wonder how they’ll handle the hot water?


12 thoughts on “I Can Handle the Hot Water”

    1. ha ha When I read this comment, I immediately thought, “MY mother’s name is Amelia and she weighed 90 lbs….” then I saw the commentator is my sister. ha ha
      Anyway EXCELLENT post.
      As for politicians and their planning for the future. My husband defines them all as people with short term solutions for long term problems. They only want to heal enough to get them elected. They would not offer a solution that may be negative for a few years but in the long run do good, That doesn’t get them votes!

  1. I’m starting to hope that the 99% will in fact find our voice. You are clearly a teabag too. Which is very different from someone in the Tea Party!

    1. Not good at all because we all lose. Maybe someone needs to remind politicians of the decline of the Roman Empire which may have been caused by the “disintegration of political, economic, military, and other social institutions”…hmmm sound familiar?

  2. I have chosen you for the Leibster Award…….. you are terrific so go ahead and do what you gotta do. Hope I did it correctly.


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