Patchwork Skin

Getting ready in the morning used to take moments. Now it is a production and I don’t give myself near enough time. First their is the acne cream. Yes, even though I’m in my 50s, I still need this. Then comes the eye drops, followed by the alpha hydroxy lotion and the firming lotion. Racing against the clock I dab on eye cream and reach for my makeup bag. On a rare morning I am able to apply makeup before heading out the door. Most mornings I am grabbing my toast, coffee and makeup bag as I sprint for the car. While driving I finish my toast, sip my coffee and apply a minimum of makeup.

I really should take more time with my makeup but in my bathroom mirror I always look great. It is the bathroom lighting. The light lands softly on my face and the wrinkles disappear, the blotchy skin is invisible and the puffiness seems nonexistent. So I believe my ‘mirror, mirror on the wall’ and charge off to work every day.

About midmorning I make a trip to the facilities where I am confronted by the harsh reality of the staff bathroom lighting. That can’t possibly be me!


4 thoughts on “Patchwork Skin”

  1. so YOU are that lady I passed on the Highway going 65 mph putting on her makeup. ha ha Kidding.
    No I am quite sure you are just beautiful without any makeup. The media has made us less satisfied with ourselves and who we really are, I think. at least that’s what I keep telling myself when I see all my blotches and faults.

  2. Oh my Gosh! I am not alone! Praise God!
    I always look so well appointed in my own bathroom…then I flip down the visor in the car as I pull into my destination – to touch up my lipstick – how the heck did I get so old from home to here? Aint life grand?



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