Is it Art or Design?

As I traveled this week, I spotted a garage that caught my attention.

Serendipity! A new discovery.

I don’t know why this image was so pleasing to my eyes. It certainly was unexpected. It spoke of a creative mind at work. It begs a good story.

Imagine a woman asking her husband to help mount a bike on the front of their garage.
Woman: “Honey? Could you help me outside?”
Husband: “What? Right now?”
Woman: “Yes, now.”
Husband: “What do you need?”
Woman: “I just need a little help.”
Husband: “Doing what?”
Woman: “Ummm. Mounting something.”
Husband: “Mounting what?”
Woman: “One of our bikes.”
Husband: “Oh, alright. Where are we mounting it?”
Woman: “Well…”

I wonder…and maybe that is what made this so interesting to me. Pondering how it came to be.

I am amazed with human imagination. So, what do you think? Is it art or design?

It’s art if it can’t be explained.
It’s fashion if no one asks for an explanation.
It’s design if it doesn’t need explanation.
— Wouter Stokkel


12 thoughts on “Is it Art or Design?”

  1. Great post and visual. A good sense of art….and that reminds me of a story here. At the age of 16, young people get a licence to ride a moped and ALL teens are thrilled about that. One fellow was telling us he was late in for his curfew one time, just 15 minutes, he had been warned and so his dad said nothing but the next morning when he went in the garage to get his bike to go to school, he could not find it. He yelled to his family; his dad came out and directed his attention up. There, bolted to the ceiling was his moped. He never missed a curfew again!


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