Old Sweater, New Life

I had an old sweater I no longer wanted. As I was putting it into the Goodwill bag I realized I could transform this sweater into something special for family and friends.

After cutting my sweater it looked like this…

And here is what I was able to create with my sweater pieces…

  • I made a vest and matching hat for my granddaughter. I can’t wait for her to try them on.
  • I am finishing a pair of mittens I plan to line with fleece for the cold winters in the midwest.

Now my only problem is figuring out what to do with the rest of the sweater. I think I will make a small pair of mittens for my granddaughter but am not sure what to do with the remaining material. Any ideas? I would appreciate them!

Monday, November 7th update:
Today my daughter emailed a picture of our granddaughter in her new sweater and hat. She makes everything she wears look adorable. Evidently she did not want to wear the hat but mommy persevered and now I have a new picture to treasure.


13 thoughts on “Old Sweater, New Life”

    1. Thank you! Hey… I have been trying to leave a comment on your blog with no luck. I put you on my blogroll so I have easy access to you and can share your site with others. Love your days of thanksgiving this month.

  1. I’m not sure if I am more impressed with what you were able to DO with the old sweater, or the fact that your OLD sweater looks far better than most of my new ones!

    1. Thank you. I learned repurposing from my grandma who was an amazing seamstress. She taught me to make anything I wanted and if it failed, just rip out the seams. Who would know?

  2. What a lovely job you did!
    My daughter took a bunch of old sweaters, cut them into strips, then knit the strips into a little rug.

  3. WOW……this should be published in a Good Housekeeping magazine or something. EXCELLENT post and excellent idea. Very very good. Beautiful!!!

  4. How precious! I’ve seen a few of the “re-purposing” ideas on Pinterest, but was a bit skeptical that the end result would be worth the effort. Obviously I was wrong. Beautiful job! Beautiful child! ~ Sheila


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