Let’s Have More Dog and Cat Socialization, Please!

I am privileged because I work with children. Children are curious. They are brave. They tickle my funny bone. There is one aspect of my job I do not like. Dogs and cats. My job takes me into homes each week where I come in contact with family dogs and cats. Dogs I tolerate. Cats I can’t tolerate because even though they may be lovable I am seriously allergic to cats.

Before a visit this week we were told to enter the home through the front gate because if we came through the back gate we would encounter a dog that might bite us. No problem. I can go through the front gate. As my coworker and I parked our vehicle, two dogs in the back yard growled … ferociously. Since we had been warned they might jump the fence this caused me a moments pause. I wish I were brave. We backed up our car and parked farther down the road and approached the front of the house from a different angle. The vicious growling in the back continued.

Upon entering the home we were greeted by a third dog. Lovely! This dog gave me a cursory glance but was fascinated with my coworker. He shoved his nose into her backside until his nose disappeared where the sun don’t shine. She squealed. I quickly found a seat on the floor. I really should have gone to her rescue but she is new at this and will learn in due time.

I surrounded myself with animal barriers. Couch behind. Large briefcase on my left. Placement of large toy on my right. Sharp pen in hand and slippery notebook paper on the floor in front of me. Secure!

The dog looked at me after disengaging from my coworkers rear and dismissed me as a pro. That’s right buster! The dog was finally removed and placed behind a baby gate in the next room.

While we met with the family the dog growled and whined. Unable to contain himself he leapt over the gate and went right back to my coworker. She never had the inservice on ways to discourage inappropriate sniffing. After quite a production the dog was finally let out the front door. Thank you!

I was just settling down to a great home visit when the cat entered the room. Duh, duh, duh. Cats love me. The cat ignored my coworker and headed right for me. I picked up my notepad using it as a barrier as it leapt over my head, flicking my hair with one paw and landed on the couch behind me. Drat. My fleece jacket became a comfortable bed for a kitty snooze. Ahh…ahh…choo!


6 thoughts on “Let’s Have More Dog and Cat Socialization, Please!”

  1. Wish I had seen that cat gymnastic performance. Maybe take a “throw down” sacrificial fleece to keep them off the one you are going to put back on…no, that probably wouldn’t work…somehow the cat would know and ignore the freely offered one and choose the other. They seem impossible to out maneuver. Enjoyed your post

  2. hee hee, this story made me smile, really hard! (sorry about the allergies)
    As I am fighting a constant, though faint hearted battle of the flying fur, I can feign co-commiseration..only difference is…I adore, simply (no, more like LOVE , rather obsessively) dogs. I like one cat ~ Riley.


  3. I am with you in the cats and dogs department. I am allergic, but… my daughter moved back home, with a dog and two cats.. so the fur flies around here all the time..
    I love your story, you are an entertaining writer.


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