Procrastination is Just the Correct Timing of Actions

I have often felt procrastination is good for me, after all, I practice it every day. Our daughter, acknowledging my procrastinating ways, sent me an image similar to the one above. I loved it!

Read how procrastination is part of the natural order of the universe. Finally, some affirmation for what everyone told me was a character flaw.

12 thoughts on “Procrastination is Just the Correct Timing of Actions”

  1. Thanks for the article. I’m posting it on my office door. That way maybe nobody will interrupt me when I’m reading my blogs for inspiration!

    1. That is so true! Embrace languor and rejuvenation. My favorite quote from the article “Sometimes we fulfill our responsibility not by acting but by doing nothing.” Love that.

  2. Did you notice the next article? “The Eleventh Hour: How Working Under Pressure Can Be A Strength” In case you needed any more affirmation… or motivation?

  3. Cute! I don’t have issues with procrastinating, but I am chronically late for most things (except flights…the plane will leave without you). Seems like kindred spirit stuff though. Maybe these habits are connected to creativity?! I can only hope! Sheila

    1. Definitely connected to creativity and kindred spirits. It is interesting to note that I am never late though I can put off tasks for days. Probably a psychological study has been done on this ;)

  4. I’m forcing myself to finish painting my son’s bedroom this week…a backbreaking project I started in AUGUST. His birthday is coming so I thought I’d get it done in time for the party…and as a gift to him. He’s going to be 6 and somehow I’m not sure he’ll appreciate that it is more of a gift to me in not having to worry about it anymore! I’m getting out the razor to cut out letters to finish stenciling the baseball scoreboard. The thought “what were you thinking?” has gone through my head many times…I hope he likes baseball next year! Boy does my neck hurt…


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