Wish I Had My Camera at the Ready

This weekend I saw two spectacles which made me wish I had my camera.

The first was an elderly gentleman driving a green John Deere open cab tractor in the front yard of a city lot. He was wearing jean overalls and circling a tree. A woman was standing at the front picture window looking out.

Some would say I had mistaken a riding lawn mower for a tractor. That is not so. I know the difference between tractors and riding lawn mowers. This was a tractor. I wonder what he was doing? Nothing was attached to the back of the tractor. I saw no purpose for the tractor circling the front lawn. The tractor could barely make a circle on the small lot. I wish I had a picture to share this sight. It made me smile, made me curious, and made me think about the woman in the picture window.

The second happened when we turned onto interstate. My husband and I were following a flatbed semi piled high with round hay bales. The semi was dragging a large tree branch on the road attached by twine to one of the hay bales. This was concerning. I did not feel comfortable watching the branch bounce behind the semi so my husband passed the semi at my urging. He suggested I gesture and communicate to the driver as we passed alerting him to the branch he was dragging. I tried to gain his attention but he didn’t even look at me because he was on his phone. So we passed him.

A few miles down the road this same semi passed us with the branch still bouncing behind. Luckily, the branch stayed right behind the semi and didn’t bounce our way. I finally remembered our cell phone had a camera and took a picture but by then the semi was long gone and the branch was obscured by a pickup.

When I suggested we catch up so I could take another picture my husband didn’t even respond. Smart, smart man. I wonder whatever happened to the branch?


4 thoughts on “Wish I Had My Camera at the Ready”

  1. Travel is often scary. I was once behind a semi-trailer that was loaded with plastic pipes. White plastic pipes. Trouble was, some of them were sliding out of the well-packed trailer. Heading for the cars that were following. I passed the truck, then called 911. Thank God for cell phones. I still have nightmares of the piping going through someone’s windshield and the rest of the plastic tubing wreaking havoc on the traffic following.

  2. I was following a truck full of drywall sheets – one sheet flew out and bounced down the highway. I couldn’t avoid it because of all the traffic around me, so had to watch helplessly as the sheet smashed on the hood of my new car!


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